Connecting Generations through Family Research

Researching your family line means much more than gathering data or organizing photos and sorting through newspaper clippings. You can use family research to connect the generations in your family—from the youngest child to the oldest living family member.

I’ve done family research using FOREVER®, the same platform I use to store all my most meaningful memories in one safe, secure place.

It’s a powerful platform and I’d enjoy giving you a tour that’s about 20 minutes. Scroll down to contact me.

Read on and see what it means to connect the generations.

Man in suit with girl on lap, 1967
Me with my dad, Jack, in 1967.

Family Stories to Entertain

Old photos and newspaper clippings are family research tools giving us information and will show and tell us important milestones like birthdays, weddings, and obituaries. Now think through the personalities of your ancestors in the photos.

Were they quiet? Outgoing? What was their hometown like, and did they have hobbies? This brings more depth and life to your subjects. Can you find distant cousins or older relatives who might know what the people were like and how they lived?

There are lots of free resources to use which I link to at the end of this post.


Family Stories to Appreciate What We Have

Us boomers had grandparents and parents who lived through the end of World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and the Korean War. Many of us know men who served through the challenge of the Vietnam War plus other turmoil in the ‘60s like the Civil Rights movement.

Despite the ups and downs, we know families who have thrived in the challenges. Sharing these stories can help our children and grandchildren appreciate the struggles of those who came before us and lived full, satisfying lives with few material trappings.

We live with different challenges now, so we can look back and find the strength to cope through the examples of ancestors who lived and lived out their faith.


Melody and Jack inset with film reels
My dad and I in recent years with the prized film reels.

Family Stories to Inspire

Inspiring stories are those where people have faced tough times and yet overcame the difficulties. Those are worth collecting and storing permanently.

Why use FOREVER®?

It’s a complete memory-keeping system where you can:

This service is especially helpful if you’re tracing your family’s line to other countries into the early part of the 20th century and earlier. You may only need a brief consultation or you may want to dive more deeply into your family research needs.

This is another reason to take my brief 20-minute tour. Here’s how you do that.

FOREVER Storage chart for Melody

An Eye-Opening Tour Experience

Contact me. Copy and paste my email with Tour in the subject line and we’ll arrange a time so I can show you how FOREVER® works with a virtual tour:

Or use my website’s contact form.

It’ll change how you view storing photos, videos, wedding memories, and so much more.

I gave a tour recently and my guest loved it.

“WOW! This blows my mind! I never before asked for a tour because I THOUGHT I already knew what it was. But I had NO IDEA how cool it is!”


Try FOREVER® yourself with 2 free GB of storage space.


Write Your Family Story

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today

I’m passionate that your family story is worth sharing and safeguarding for your kids, their kids, and their kids, and ….see what I mean? For a long time to come.

Check the Events page here on my site to join us for a virtual story writing / journaling workshop. It’s here for your benefit.









Family Research Resources

Here are four umbrella-type organizations leading to local historical societies, immigration records and more. Most of the resources are no cost and you can use in conjunction with FOREVER®’s professional research.

National archives

American Historical Association with affiliated chapters

Preservation, for use in the U.S. and Canada





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