For the Love of Researching Your Family History

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This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of researching your family’s history. Connect past generations with the present day, and prepare to leave your legacy for future generations. Chronicling your family history is special and an act of love. Your family’s unique story Every family has a unique story filled with love, drama, dreams fulfilled, and […]

How to Permanently Store Your Family Recipes, Photos, Videos and More

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Storing family recipes safely and using them to chronicle your family’s history is easier than ever thanks to FOREVER®, the most complete memory-keeping system that lets you digitize and store recipes, photos, videos, and more in one safe space. Guaranteed. They’re safe well into the next century and beyond, giving you peace of mind that […]

Connecting Generations through Family Research

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Researching your family line means much more than gathering data or organizing photos and sorting through newspaper clippings. You can use family research to connect the generations in your family—from the youngest child to the oldest living family member. I’ve done family research using FOREVER®, the same platform I use to store all my most […]

A 4-Step Strategy to Research Your Family History and Organize Your Family Photos

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Researching your family history goes hand-in-hand with organizing family photos, home movies, and your other media files. Various tools are useful in researching your family history but how do you store the information as you find it? Here’s a strategy for uncovering the people and stories in your family line while also organizing your most […]

Researching family history is traveling into an earlier era

The fun of researching your family is enjoying another era and finding answers to the question: What was life back then? Think about how we live our lives and what’s important to us. These are the moments we photograph and videotape.   Vacations How were vacations similar, but different to the ones we take today? […]

Choosing How Far Back You’ll Go in Researching Your Family History

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Researching your family’s history can mean different things depending on your interest level. You can satisfy your curiosity about your family’s past by looking at old photos, home movies, slides, or other media and jotting down your recollections and understanding of what you’re viewing. Or you can dig deeper and travel back farther in time. […]

Having Fun Using Family Photos in Researching Your Family History

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Your family line is as much a puzzle as it is a tree with roots and branches. Researching your family means answering questions and digging up one person’s story and those findings can lead to more stories. You can make piecing together your family history as detailed as you’d like or as simple as possible. […]

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