Your Family’s History is Meant for You to Explore and to Safeguard for Future Generations

This photo of my dad sitting on a horse when he was ten years old shows how our fathers were once boys who enjoyed playing and pretending.

Boy in cowboy hat on horse, circa 1939
My father, Jack, as a 10-year-old in 1939

Then they grew up and discovered the responsibility of having a family and doing the work their bosses expected them to do.

We were kids who saw them come home tired and grumpy from work but pause long enough to play. And maybe they didn’t play as often or as long as we would have liked.

I launched my photo coaching business in 1995 to help families preserve their most meaningful memories captured in photos, videos, home movies, and slide shows.

Researching and chronicling your family history is a major part of preserving those memories. I became a photo coach because as a child I enjoyed looking through family albums and imagining the stories that were taking place.

Photo of Melody's dad, Jack, 1971
Melody’s dad, 1971, a prototype machinist

Now, I see an even greater reason for researching family history.

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Family Research is Also for Future Generations

I’ve enjoyed researching my family history.

I was a young mother when I started my photo coaching business and for nearly 30 years I’ve scaled my customer base across the U.S. During that time, I’ve become a young grandmother, and now I’m seeing how researching family history will benefit future family members who I’ll never meet.

The question is: how do I preserve the stories?

I use FOREVER®, the most powerful and complete memory-keeping system I’ve ever used.

FOREVER® has tremendous benefits like:

Professional genealogists

I’ve researched parts of my family’s story on my own by talking to relatives and digging up information. But the professional researchers with FOREVER® have helped me trace my family line back to the civil war.

They give details about their findings so it’s data you can trust.

Chart of family research
FOREVER researchers charting progress

They’ve also helped my husband, Gerald, “meet” a relative from the early 1800s and another friend of mine has used genealogists with FOREVER® to trace her family line back to the late 1500s (see links at the end of this post)


I’ve digitized many old photos and videos my parents had, and memories from my grandmother who was born in the early 1900s, thanks to FOREVER®’s state-of-the-art digitization center just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Newspaper clippings, handwritten letters, and more can all be digitized so they won’t become faded or frayed over time.

Permanent Storage

FOREVER® is the only true permanent storage solution I’ve seen.

The company is designed to last and your content is safe for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond. The FOREVER® Guarantee Fund “pays for the recurring maintenance and preservation costs of your FOREVER® Storage, as well as the migration of your content to new digital formats, over time.”

My dad’s photo as a 10-year-old boy is already 85 years old. Thanks to FOREVER®, my great-grandchildren’s grandchildren will be able to access it.

Contact me and I’ll be glad to explain how this is possible.

Photo Books and Gifts

Since my files are digitized, I can easily turn them into printed photo books and other gifts. Print a collection of photos for your father from his childhood or from family vacations long-ago.

Photo books were especially useful for my dad when he was in skilled nursing during the Covid lockdown and we weren’t able to visit him. The books are easy to hold and they stimulate the mind and memories differently than if your loved one was only watching television. He had dementia so it helped him remember special times.

The nursing staff told us how much he enjoyed looking through them.

Research and Chronicle Your Family History

Woman looking at photo album

I’ll help you get started journaling your family’s story if that’s where you want to start. I’ll show you how to use FOREVER® to go way back in time and uncover family stories you didn’t know existed. Then we’ll save your findings for future generations.

If you’d prefer to start with a different goal, then I can still help you.

Contact me here or click Book a Session on any of my website’s pages to schedule a time to talk. Let’s get to know each other.

Interested in photo coaching as a business?

Let me know and I’ll be glad to share my experience and possibly mentor you if you feel photo coaching is a business you’d like to explore.

Click here to see my husband with a special photo in this post:

Man holding portrait from 1829
Gerald Whitehead with portrait of ancestor born in 1829

6 Easy Steps for Researching Your Family Tree and Bringing Older Photos to Life

And read about tracing my friend Rori’s family back to Germany in the olden days:

Rori Grosse headshot
Rori Grosse and an important member of her family

How to Research and Store Your Family’s History for Future Generations

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