How to Permanently Store Your Family Recipes, Photos, Videos and More

Storing family recipes safely and using them to chronicle your family’s history is easier than ever thanks to FOREVER®, the most complete memory-keeping system that lets you digitize and store recipes, photos, videos, and more in one safe space. Guaranteed.

They’re safe well into the next century and beyond, giving you peace of mind that your grandkids and their grandkids will be able to access the recipes.

Why Store Family Recipes?

What’s special about this time of year? Food.

Candy apples during Halloween.

Turkey, special salads, and pies during Thanksgiving.

And a variety of baked goods and main dishes during Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Young Woman rolling sausage dough with girl
My daughter and her niece making sausage balls.



The foods we eat during holidays and other times of the year are an important part of our personal identity and our family’s heritage and brings people together, like my daughter and niece pictured here.

Dishes that your grandmother or mother used while baking don’t just fill your stomach, but they fill us up with meaning and traditions that are worth preserving for future generations.

Scroll down to take a virtual tour with me and see why FOREVER® is a great tool when researching and chronicling your family’s history.





Recipes as Tradition

Recipes are a wonderful family heirloom connecting the generations because they’re the legacy of a loved one. An article on showed how many families want to preserve family recipes by quoting a survey of 2,000 people:

It’s crucial to preserve family recipes so future generations can use them, too. When it comes to these recipes, three in five noted that the ones from their family are considered untouchable, as 57 percent learned how to make the meals from their mother and 33 percent from their grandmother.

The link is at the end of this post.

Recipe for nut roll
from Don Simkovich



What recipes have been the most meaningful for you?

A friend of mine who’s originally from western Pennsylvania and now lives in Southern California has nut roll every Christmas. It’s a tradition passed down from his mother and grandmother and now his wife makes it.

She’s kept the recipe in a folder near cookbooks but now it’s safely stored in his FOREVER® account along with photos of his mother.






Preserving Recipes as Family History

Let’s use your recipes to learn more about your family’s history. Were the ingredients originally thought up in another country many decades ago? Are they hard to find?

In the survey, the majority of respondents believed that family recipes shouldn’t be altered so you don’t want to lose track of those ingredients.

Safeguarding your recipes is important and old 3 x 5 notecards are fragile and tough to pass along from one decade to the next. If the cards stay intact, the handwriting can blur and be hard to read.

Here’s how you can keep them safe using FOREVER.

  1. Get an account with FOREVER if you don’t already have one. You can get 2 GBs free to try it hands-on.
  2. Digitize the handwritten notes or the recipe cards.
  3. Store them in your FOREVER® digital home.

Here’s where you can have a lot of fun and organize photos, 8mm home movies, slide shows, and other formats that are outdated while uploading all your current photos and videos.

In FOREVER® your main storage area is called your Library. You can create Albums to store specific photos.

You might name an album for your parents like I did with this one, Jack and Dorothy Hamm.

Family Photo Collage
My parents’ family photos organized in their FOREVER account

In the album you can have Nested Albums, or sub-albums.

FOREVER® gives you plenty of space to write brief descriptions of your file or you can go into detail.

You could have an album titled Family Recipes and store your favorite foods from years gone by to the recipes your children and grandchildren will create in the future.

If you have an Album titled Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can have family recipes included there.

You’ll see that FOREVER® also has tags so your recipes, photos, and other memories can be stored in more than one album.


Why Use FOREVER Compared to Other Digital Storage?

I’ll highlight this on the tour but here are 4 important reasons:

  1. FOREVER® is designed and guaranteed to last a lifetime and into the next century and beyond.
  2. You have the option of owning your digital space that you can choose to share with others.
  3. Your data will never be used for data mining or other marketing-related purposes.
  4. Your files stay at full resolution uploaded, no compressing.

Other companies can’t make that claim.

Storage comparison chart
Only FOREVER® offers true permanent storage

Get Creative with FOREVER®

If you’re researching your family history then you can get a consultation with FOREVER®’s professional family researchers to get help on starting a research project or use the researchers to get past roadblocks in finding information.

This could be records from another country or another era that you can’t locate.

FOREVER® is the best tool on the market for digital storage but you can also print photo books and other meaningful gifts.

You can create a cooking photo book of the person who originally made your favorite recipe, let’s say your grandmother or great-grandmother, and you could have the recipes in the photo book itself.


Take the Tour

See how FOREVER® works. Just give me 30 minutes and I’ll show you how to easily save a lifetime of memories that are guaranteed safe.

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories


Contact me via my website’s contact form or email me directly:


I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and I enjoy showing you how to Safeguard your memories® for years to come.

Your recipes, photos, and all your media files are unique to you and your family.

Make them last and have peace of mind that they’re safely stored.






Here’s how others feel about saving family recipes from

Nearly Half of Americans Believe It’s Important to Preserve Family Recipes for Future Generations

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