Research your family history and see if you’re descended from famous Americans

You may not know it, but if you researched your family line you might discover that you are descended from a U.S. president.

Ever wonder if you’re descended from a signer of the Declaration of Independence or other Americans who have impacted the direction of the nation?

Imagine the great men and women who have shaped the decisions that have led to the freedoms and the struggles we have today.

Could you have a link to someone like Harriet Tubman, the woman who became the most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad? She didn’t have children by birth but she had an adopted daughter and helped raise the children of siblings but, who knows? Remarkably, she lived until 1913—just over 100 years ago.

Where do you begin?

Specialized societies

Photo by Paige Thompson, Pexels

Check out the Society of Presidential Descendants (scroll to the end of this post for the link).

These are people who have a direct link to one of the 46 U.S. presidents. Maybe they can help you learn if you have an indirect link to this rarified group.

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is another well-known organization helping preserve the country’s history.

They have an extensive genealogy section to guide you in your research.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati offers genealogy support.

Counties and federal agencies

If you know the county your parents or grandparents were from, check to see if they have a historical society. If so, they’ll likely point you to helpful resources like newspaper clippings.

Some counties have excellent information. Scroll to the end of this post and link to the Centre County Historical Society as an example. Centre County is home to State College, PA, and Penn State University. They have a genealogy society.

You can also turn to the National Archives for links to immigration and military records.

Do you need a plan to research your family history?

Start with those closest to you.

Collect letters, photos, and documents of those you’re closest to and those still living like parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. If they’re still living, ask them about their stories like what they did for fun and what it is like at their school.

Man holding portrait from 1829
Gerald Whitehead with portrait of ancestor born in 1829

As you dig farther back in time, I suggest you do what I’m doing: use professional researchers with FOREVER®.

You can get a consultation or use the researchers for more in-depth work like uncovering hard-to-find records, or getting past language barriers if you have descendants who immigrated from other countries and continents.

Why do I use FOREVER® researchers?

Their ability to provide hard-to-locate records fits in perfectly with safeguarding my family’s memories.

We’ve been tracking my family history back to the Civil War and I get updates on records that are being searched for and ones that have been found. My family stories are made up of men and women who were farmers, merchants, soldiers, and blacksmiths.

Chart of family research
FOREVER researchers charting progress

FOREVER®’s genealogists tie in nicely with my services as a photo coach offering:

I’m passionate that your family’s story deserves to be told. You can have a full-service plan tailored to your specific needs. You can start with a consultation if you don’t know your family’s history or if you’ve run into roadblocks while looking up records.

FOREVER®’s professional genealogists have extensive backgrounds in research and specialize in diverse areas like Russian Jewish families and Irish ancestry. They know how to access hard to find records from around the globe.

What are your needs?

Are you intrigued by photos and do you want to know the stories behind them?

Have you realized you don’t know your grandparents as well as you thought, or are you missing pieces to complete your family tree?

Get started or get research assistance with FOREVER®’s professional genealogists.

Discover the past and preserve it for the future

If you’ve been looking into research services let me know and I’ll share more details on how I’ve gone back in time with FOREVER®.

Now, here’s the important thing to remember, I’m saving those family stories so they’ll be available in generations to come. So I’m looking back, gathering the stories, and saving them for my grandchildren’s grandchildren.


FOREVER® is the only permanent memory storage company of its kind. You own your account and it’s guaranteed for a lifetime, plus into the next century and beyond, thanks to the FOREVER® Guarantee Fund.

You can store your memories from the past and the future in one safe place.

How can I help?

Woman wearing glasses looking at computer monitor
Contact Melody for a photo consultation

What do you want to learn about family research or other topics like digitization and permanent storage?

Contact me and let’s get the most enjoyment possible from your family’s memories.

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Here are links to the sites mentioned above. Each one can help you in your genealogical journey:

Society of Presidential Descendants

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, an excellent example of a county historical website

National Archives

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