For the Love of Researching Your Family History

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of researching your family’s history. Connect past generations with the present day, and prepare to leave your legacy for future generations.

Chronicling your family history is special and an act of love.

Your family’s unique story

Every family has a unique story filled with love, drama, dreams fulfilled, and dreams still to come. All of us have relatives who are high achievers and others who are colorful characters while many may seem ordinary.

Man in 3 piece suit outdoors, pointing
A photo from 1924 from Don Simkovich, now digitized 99 years later

Looking back shows us what life was like, the sacrifices endured, and achievements large or small like buying a first home, opening a business, or guiding a child to their first day of school.

What you journal and show through photos, videos, and text can convey your family’s values, and strengthen identities and well-being. In a fast-paced world, your family’s story can be a source of stability and meaning.

I’ll show you how to capture it and share it for generations to come using the service FOREVER®.

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A beginning point to research your family history

Here’s a good way to start researching your family’s history. Begin with the present day and work your way back.

How much do you know about your parents’ story like where they were born, what their childhood was like, and what affected them the most? You might be surprised that you don’t know as much about them as you think.

If you organize their photos and videos, then you might learn more and be surprised.

Now how about your grandparents?

Everyone has a childhood, tough challenges to overcome, victories, defeats, and dreams realized and dreams that were never fulfilled. Families also have values like hard work, spiritual convictions, the willingness to take risks, or the decisions made to settle down.

Now let’s look at the assets you have: family photos, databases, and more.

Assets for researching your family’s history

Family photos, videos, and other files

Organizing your family photos is one of the most natural ways to research your family history. I work with clients to use the basic journalistic questions to create a story about the picture:

  • Who: is in the photo
  • What: is happening
  • Where: is it taking place (and when)
  • Why: is this important (not all photos have equal importance)
  • How: did the photo come together or the lives of everyone intersect?


When you research your family, you can comb through newspaper clippings, interview relatives, and look through records available through federal, state, and county databases. Many are free to use online and you can show up in person to leaf through documents and make copies.

Professional genealogists

Family Book in Germany
Screenshot of the family book that researchers used

Another way to capture your family’s history is by using professional researchers with FOREVER®. They’re able to locate hard-to-find records and go back centuries. A friend of mine and photo coaching colleague Rori Grosse used FOREVER® to research her great-grandfather’s family line stretching from the 1890s back to the late 1500s in Germany.

Why FOREVER® is the best tool to chronicle your family’s history

Screenshot of family research
Compiling my family’s history with research help

FOREVER® is a great tool for compiling your findings and organizing the photos and other files you use in researching your family.

Several reasons why include:

  1. You can own your account. It’s secure, safe, and guaranteed to last for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.
  2. Store everything in one place.

You can store all of your old files in the same place as the photos, videos, and other files you’ll collect now and in the future.

  1. Digitize your old photos safely in FOREVER®’s state-of-the-art digitization facility near Green Bay, Wisconsin. Pack wedding videos, newspaper clippings, printed photos and more in a FOREVER® box, ship it to their facility and your files will be uploaded to your account and the originals will be safely returned to you.

All the files are stored in your Library and then you can organize them into Albums and Nested Albums.

  1. Easy to create brief notes or in-depth stories. Your photos, videos, and other files will have space to either write brief notes or an extended description so people searching in the future will have a more complete idea about the significance of what they’re seeing.
  2. Turn your digital files into high-quality printed photo books and other gifts to give all year long.
  3. Safely share the albums of your choice with children, grandchildren, and friends and invite them to contribute their photos and other files. FOREVER® makes it easy to collaborate.

Tour FOREVER® online with me

See FOREVER® in action. I’ll be glad to give you an online tour. In just 30 minutes, you’ll see how to digitize and store multiple lifetimes of memories.

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

Contact me via my website or email me directly:

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Check my Events web page to learn more and see how you can make FOREVER® work for you.

No one else has your family’s story so safeguard your family’s memories and leave a legacy of love.

Want more in-depth family research help? Try this link for the Library of Congress Genealogy and Family History Research.

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