Look into this low-cost but highly profitable side hustle and home business opportunity

If you’re looking for a low-cost side hustle or business to start from home then consider photo coaching, a business niche that’s rewarding if you enjoy showing families how to preserve decades-old wedding videos, photos of milestones, hand-written love letters, and more.

Photo coaching has been my career for almost 30 years. This year, one of my goals is to mentor new team members.

Read on and you’ll see the platform I use to run my business and get an idea of how it works. Scroll down to contact me personally.

Let’s break down why photo coaching is a little-known but much-needed business you can start from home or add to your existing professional line of services.

What is a photo coach?

The name of my business says it all: SafeguardYourMemories®.

As a photo coach, I’m successful when I help families preserve their most meaningful memories and help them journal their stories.

When I started in 1995 as a young mother, I showed clients how to journal their stories so that the photos they saved and organized had a story behind them.

Now, the same principle of preserving memories and journaling stories still applies but the tool I use is quite powerful.

Using FOREVER® as a photo coach

You can imagine how technology has changed the way we take and store our photos and videos. Printing rolls of film is now ancient history and instead we can capture a moment by taking dozens of shots within minutes:

  • Your Little Leaguer’s first home run
  • Your child graduating high school and moving into the dorms
  • Your grandson kissing the bride at the altar
  • Sunsets
  • Mother’s Day celebrations
  • Chronicling your vacation

What moments are most important to you?

It’s easy to take a quick shot or capture 10 to 15 seconds of video.

high school football player 1924Now, how are you going to store those memories?

And how do you safeguard all the memories on outdated media files like VHS tapes, slide shows, and Super 8 home movies?

High school football player kneeling
My son in 2007, his senior year

The answers to those questions are why photo coaches are needed. It’s a side hustle or home business niche that few people ever talk about and the business magazines rarely write about.

Here’s a self-evaluation you can do to understand the need.

This photo from 1924 of my grandfather as a high school senior is stored in my FOREVER account with this photo of my son from 2007.

  1. How many photos and videos do you have on your phone, laptop, or other electronic device like an external hard drive?
  2. Do you have thousands of those files? Different estimates show that typical smartphone users have between 1,900 to 2,200 photos just on their phones.
  3. Now how many hard-copy photo albums do you have on your shelves or stored in closets? I also refer to these as traditional scrapbook albums.
  4. How many VHS tapes, slide shows, or home movies?
  5. How do you plan on keeping those files safe?
  6. How do you plan on passing those files along to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and generations beyond?

Here’s what I offer my clients—FOREVER®

FOREVER® makes it possible to bring all your photos and other files from the past into the same place with the photos, videos, and documents you’ll have in the future.

Click here to try it with 2 free GB of storage space.

It’s permanent storage guaranteed … and more.

Laptop screen with fingers on keyboard
Photo by picjumbo.com, Pexels.com

Here’s one way that FOREVER® is completely different than social media, Google Photos, or other services: your clients can own their accounts.

This means they won’t get locked out, their content won’t be used for advertising or marketing purposes, and their files can be willed to future generations.

Here’s what you’ll do as a photo coach using FOREVER®

  • Digitize hard copy photos, handwritten letters, VHS tapes, slide shows and more. It’s one of the safest mand most convenient ways to digitize old media.
  • Store them in a central location called your Library and then organize them into Albums and Nested Albums.
  • Turn your digital files into attractive photo books and other gifts.
  • Research your family history using FOREVER®’s professional genealogists, chronicle your family story in FOREVER® and share with family and friends.
  • Use collaborative albums for sports teams, church groups, and more.

Take the next steps in learning more

Browse through any of my blog posts to learn about researching family history or reading how my friends and colleagues use FOREVER®.

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

Tour FOREVER® online. Give me 30 minutes and you’ll see how FOREVER® is powerful and the most trusted service in the industry.

Contact me via my web contact form or email me directly and let’s select a time that’s convenient for you:


Try it yourself with 2 free GB of storage space to experience uploading photos and creating albums.

I also have online Events to help you learn more about using FOREVER®.

Photo coaching is satisfying, profitable, and needed to help families of all ages manage their most meaningful memories.

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