Here’s the Best Way to Organize and Preserve All Your Photos, Videos, and Other Memories

Decluttering and organizing your home reduces your stress and boosts your personal quality of life. Clean up clutter and you’ll reduce stress and boost your self-esteem, as noted by a New York mental health expert, linked to in the article at the end of this post.

Closets, garages, and family rooms or spare bedrooms get piled up with things but what about decluttering your phone, laptop, and other electronic devices? Clearing those up would give you less anxiety about your files and your most treasured family photos.

You need a tool and system to preserve your most treasured photos, videos, and other memories.

Old photos in a brown box
Turn this into a beautiful online display; photo by Miray Bostancı

I’ve been a photo coach for nearly 30 years and I’ve found both a wonderful tool and system that lets me glance at a complete inventory of memories. I can see what I have and the types of photos and videos that would be nice to collect.

What tool do I use?

FOREVER®, it’s the most complete memory-keeping system available.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Digitize everything from printed photos, slides, and old home movies to documents like wedding certificates.
  • Easily upload photos and videos from your phone and other electronic devices.
  • Store files permanently, guaranteed … in one place.

Can you see how that would clear out some of your clutter?

You can also:

  • Create printed photo books and other gifts like wall art using your digital files.
  • Research your family history using FOREVER® professional genealogists.
  • Write brief or long descriptions space to chronicle your story for future generations.

I’d love to show you how it works during a brief, virtual tour.

Scroll toward the end of this post to contact me.

Conquer Clutter

Here’s an important tip. Don’t try and save every file. That’s a rule I use in keeping my photos and videos clutter-free.

Using FOREVER®’s organizing capabilities, I can:

  • Easily take inventory of my photos and see which of my kids or grandkids has more photos than others, or if we’ve already taken enough photos or videos of a favorite vacation spot.
  • This makes it easy to delete duplicate photos, too.

Take the tour and you’ll see how all files are uploaded to what’s called your Library.

Think of a physical library where books and magazines are stored and separated into general categories like Fiction to Mystery; Nonfiction to Gardening; Juvenile.

Your photos, videos, and more can be separated into Albums with general categories like Vacations. Inside those, you can have Nested Albums that are specific like Vacations 1996.

Tags are another way to organize using someone’s name or title or other descriptor: Bryan, Dad, Family Vacations.

It’s easy to do and easy to maintain.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

FOREVER® as a tool, or organizing platform, makes it easy to use a system.

I can take inventory of my files at a glance and see if I have duplicates or files I won’t miss. Delete the guilt-free way.

Here’s an easy-to-use system. Just use these four simple terms.

Favorite: you’ll save these hall-of-fame photos for photo books or other gift ideas like wall art. Photo books were a blessing to my father during the 2020 COVID shutdown. He could easily leaf through the books and enjoy the memories.

Like: these photos are guaranteed safe in your FOREVER® library.

Story: these photos may be part of an overall story and you can write descriptions about them in your FOREVER® account. The descriptions may be quite brief or involved, depending.

Delete: Maybe the umpteenth photo of a specific family gathering from 2007 during July 4th or Christmas just doesn’t need to be included. Delete. No biggie.

Remember, you don’t need to save every photo, video, or memento. Save the ones that are most important to you and ones that will be of interest to future generations in the next 50, 75, or 175 years from now.

Man leafing through photo book
Photo books boosted my Dad’s spirits during COVID shutdowns.

Tour FOREVER® with Me

In just about 20 minutes, I’ll show you why FOREVER® is a solution that growing numbers of families are just loving.

Try it yourself with with 2 free GB of storage space. You’ll get to see what it’s like uploading files and creating albums.

On the tour, I’ll tell you a major reason that you don’t have to worry about your data used for marketing and advertising purposes. And how FOREVER® lets you easily share and receive files with loved ones and friends wherever there’s an internet connection.


Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today

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Meet new friends and learn with us

And we offer regular online classes to help you learn about FOREVER®, writing your family’s story, and more. You’ll get to ask questions and interact with others.

Why am I passionate about your stories?

Because you’re unique. Your family’s memories are worth safeguarding for your children, their children, and their great-grandchildren.



Want to Learn more about Photo Coaching?

I’ve enjoyed my career as a photo coach and would enjoy showing you how you can have a successful part-time, or full-time business or add to your existing portfolio of services.

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For a deeper dive into decluttering read the article 6 Reasons Why Decluttering Improves Your Life.


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