Best Methods for Organizing Photos and Videos in Digital Storage

If you store your photos and videos digitally, are you wondering how you can also organize them most effectively? Browse through any of my blog posts and you’ll see I use FOREVER® to digitize and store my most meaningful photos, videos, and other documents. As a photo coach with a career spanning three decades, I […]

Look Into this Untapped Home-Based Business Opportunity: Photo Coaching

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If you’re considering starting as home-based business, then look into photo coaching as a business you can start for a nice side-hustle income or a profitable full-time business. I’ve been a photo coach for nearly three decades and few people know about this business opportunity. Look in the search engines for “best home businesses to […]

5 Ways to Choose a Full-Time or Part-Time Home Business Like Photo Coaching

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Plenty of home-based businesses exist but how do you choose one that’s right for you? Here’s a brief guide to direct your thinking and introduce you to the idea and show you why I chose to run a business as a photo coach—and why I’m enthusiastic about the future of this specific business niche.   […]

5 Things to Know About Being a Photo Coach for a Full-Time or Part-Time Income

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My career as a photo coach spans almost 30 years and this is a great time to start a business for a part-time income or full-time career. This business opportunity isn’t well known, but it’s needed and it’s possible to make a satisfying income. Here’s what you need to know.   1. Photos are being […]

3 Reasons to Start Professional Photo Organizing as a Full-Time or Part-Time Business

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Organizing family photos is challenging when you’ve got photos scattered among traditional scrapbook albums, devices like phones, and different social media sites. I’ve been a photo coach for 27 years, showing clients how to select and preserve the memories that matter the most. You can also contact me and others I work with as professional […]

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