You can Profit from Photo Coaching as a Much-Needed Home Business Opportunity

Is starting a home business on your mind? If so, a life change may have triggered you.

Young couple with child
Here I am with my husband Gerald and our son Troy


For me, I was a young mother with toddlers and I was leaving the corporate world to stay at home with them. The change was exciting, and I loved my kids when they were little (and, I still love them as adults), but I needed an outlet for my professional skills, too.

I checked a number of home-based businesses but none of them seemed right for me. Finally, I came across photo coaching through a friend and her photo albums. Helping families journal their stories through photos and then preserve those precious memories became a career that’s spanned almost 30 years.

Tip—You might feel ready and chomping at the bit to start a home-based business but don’t rush. I’m glad I waited and didn’t jump into the first opportunity that I saw.



Toward the end of this post, you’ll see how to take a virtual tour and see how I run my business using FOREVER®, the most complete memory preservation service available.


Why are you considering a home business?

I had a major family change. Photo coaching is a good fit for people at different life stages. For me, it was a great fit while having young children. I also have friends and colleagues who’ve become photo coaches entering retirement and others with successful careers who fit the service into their existing portfolio of services.

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Photo by Photo by Samson Katt, Pexels

During the COVID shutdown in 2020 (and into 2021), many people considered a home business. A survey by Incfile showed that 60% of people they asked looked into starting a home business while 59% said they felt vulnerable working for someone else.

If you feel it’s time for you to launch into a home business, here are some reasons I recommend photo coaching for 4 reasons:

1 Photo coaches help reduce clutter.

We’re taking more photos and videos than ever … yet, it’s also causing more digital clutter than ever before. People take so many photos that even with the use of social media they often don’t know what they have.

2 Families need permanent storage for their most meaningful memories. Guaranteed.

Social media sites and even companies that specialize as storage sites don’t have business models for storage into the next centuries.

3 Families need one place to store all their old, outdated files from early in the 20th century with all the photos and videos they’ll take in the years to come.

4 You can own your space with FOREVER® and that gives you lots of benefits that I’ll share about on the tour.


FOREVER® as my business foundation

Let’s look at how FOREVER® works and why it’s become such an important part of my photo coaching business during the past several years.

Digitize old files.

Here’s another key reason that photo coaches are needed.

We’re in the digital age, but we have plenty of memories stored on out-of-date files that can’t be accessed.

Lots of print photos, VHS tapes, 8mm home movies, and slideshows are lying around untouched. Families have plenty of traditional scrapbook albums with collections of old photos, too.

This photo comes from my friend Cindy Marks and is safely stored in her FOREVER® account.

Family Photo in FOREVER
The FOREVER digital album makes storing photos convenient and safe

Old handwritten letters stored in shoeboxes, diplomas, and ribbons from school contests can now be digitized.

FORERVER® offers reliable and convenient digitization services at their facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

If anything happens to your hard copy files, you now have peace of mind that they’re able to be accessed in digital format and they are safely stored for many generations, and centuries, to come. Guaranteed.

Once those files are in digital format, you can find them in the same place as your most recent memories.


Store everything in one digital home.

With FOREVER® you can upload photos you digitized from a hundred years ago or earlier with photos you’ve taken in recent years and upload the photos and videos you’ll take in the coming century.


This photo of my grandfather in his football uniform was taken in 1924 during his senior year in high school.


High school football player kneeling
My son in 2007, his senior year

This photo of my son playing football was taken in 2007.


The photos are easily accessible from my FOREVER® account for my family and friends to see.










FOREVER® offers versatility

In your FOREVER® account, you have a Library where your photos, videos and more are stored. Then you can organize those into Albums and Nested Albums.

From there, it’s easy to create photo books and use the photos on other gifts for holiday gift-giving, birthdays, or Thinking of You mementos.

Are you curious about your family’s history? FOREVER® is a great tool for someone researching genealogy.

Imagine my grandkids in a few decades, clicking into their FOREVER® accounts and seeing the photo of my grandfather from 1924.

They’ll see details next to his photo.

Or what if they or their grandkids want to look into my life? Here’s a photo of me with my siblings from 1964 in my FOREVER® album. There’s plenty of room to write a brief or lengthy description of who is in the photo and why this is important.

If you want to get started on digging into your family history but don’t know how to begin then FOREVER® offers researchers who can consult or take on a project if you need help.


Points to consider

I know the industry well and no other company has what FOREVER® offers.

You’ll be surprised at FOREVER®’s low investment.

You can try FOREVER® yourself with 2 free GB of storage space to see what it’s like to upload files and create albums.


Take the tour

Just give me 30 minutes and I’ll show you how to build a business by helping others store a lifetime of memories.

You’ll see the many benefits of FOREVER® in action and how you can leverage it to create a profitable home business.

Contact me via my website’s contact form or email me:

Your privacy matters and you won’t be on my newsletter list unless you ask.


Photo coaching isn’t just another business.

It’s one that’s right for our time and for decades to come.


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