Here’s a Profitable Home Business Opportunity with a Low Investment and High Potential Return

If you’re looking to start a home business in 2024 with good profit potential, and you like helping people, then consider photo coaching as a business. You can easily run your business from home or add to your existing portfolio of professional services.

Photo coaching has been my career for almost 30 years now. I started as a young mother who left the corporate world and wanted to stay home with my young children. It’s a little-known business niche and families today need what we provide.

What’s photo coaching?

You help clients preserve their most meaningful memories and preserve those photos, videos, slide shows, and more—just like I named my business:®.

At the end of this post, contact me to learn more about the business and what it can mean for you.

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I’ll share with you how I’ve been able to scale my business across the U.S.

I’m ready to welcome new team members who want to be mentored to have their own successful business helping people on how to leave a legacy and build their digital estate.

How are you coping with a flood of photos and videos?

How many photos and videos do you have on your phone? How about on your laptop or other devices like your flash drive and external hard drive?

Americans often have about 2,000 files on their smartphones. Here’s how that breaks down:

Scrollilng images on a smartphone
Photo by Mike Jones, Pexels

iPhone users have around 2,400 pics while their Android counterparts have about 1,900 images according to statistics quoted on Link to more stats at the end of this post.

The problem is it’s easy to upload them to social media, but it’s not easy to take inventory and know what you have or find it when you want it. That results in photo guilt.

Do you have enough photos of grandma? Or too many of her with one of the grandkids and not enough of her with others?

Are most of your photos and videos posed around a table during birthdays? Maybe you need to get action shots somewhere.

Now that Christmas has just passed for this year, families are left uploading photos and videos to social media or maybe a website where they can store photos for a low monthly subscription fee.

They need a place to permanently store their files.

I help my clients go from a photo mess to leaving a legacy. They learn to store and organize their most meaningful photos for many decades, generations, and even centuries.

The heart of my photo coaching business uses the platform FOREVER®.

As a photo coach, you’ll show families how to use the FOREVER® platform to 1) digitize files and 2) store them in their digital space while making progress on your own legacy. Read on because FOREVER® offers multiple revenue streams.

Digitize old media files like slide shows, VHS tapes, and Super 8 films from the 1950s.

Store your memories from the past with the ones you’ll have in the future in one safe, secure place. Guaranteed.

You can take photos like mine from Christmas in the early 1960s and store it in the same place as Christmas photos that you’ll take next year or ten years from now.

Upload old slide shows or Super 8 home movies and store them in the same area as the videos that will be taken in the decades to come.

Here’s a screenshot of albums that I helped my parents organize in their FOREVER® account.

Shot of Digital Photo Album from Melody Whitehead's Parents
My parents’ digital album with their photos from childhood to senior years in one place

More products and services

Your clients can turn their digital images into printed photo books and other gifts that they can give all year long.

Do you know people who like researching their family’s history? You can offer them professional genealogists with FOREVER® who can consult with them in laying out a research plan or help them through roadblocks.

FOREVER® makes it easy for users to collaborate on specific albums with church groups and sports teams so the company has tremendous versatility.

Can you trust FOREVER®?

As you research the business opportunity, take note that FOREVER® has the highest TrustPilot rating of any company in the industry. FOREVER® has invested heavily in its digitization facility outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin and the customer service is highly rated.

FOREVER®’s business model is designed to last for generations so it can store photos for a lifetime, into the next century and beyond.

I’ve been involved in FOREVER® for several years now and know the executive team and have been impressed with their leadership. You can confidently offer your clients permanent storage. And it’s guaranteed.

Here’s another major benefit: peace of mind for your clients.

FOREVER®’s cloud storage means that your clients won’t have to worry about photos and videos getting ruined by natural disasters, plumbing gone bad, or getting stolen or misplaced.

In addition, your clients won’t have to worry about current files stored becoming obsolete. The FOREVER® Guarantee Fund pays for the migration of their content to new digital formats as they become available. This ensures that their memories can be enjoyed far into the future, no matter how technology may change.

In addition, their storage is secure, triple-backed up, encrypted transmissions. All files are in full-resolution with no compression and they’re guaranteed for your lifetime plus 100 years.

Why not just use social media or low-cost platforms?

With FOREVER® your clients can own their digital rights, content, and space. They aren’t subject to advertising or data mining activities.

Look at this graph with the differences between FOREVER® and other companies.

Storage comparison chart
Only FOREVER® offers true permanent storage

Take a Virtual Tour with Me

Browse through the various blog posts on my site to get a feel for all of FOREVER®’s capabilities.

Take a brief online tour with me and I’ll show you the benefits in action.

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I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

Contact me through my website’s contact form or email me directly:

Try FOREVER® with 2 Free GB of storage. You’ll see how to upload files and organize them into your albums.

You can also check the Events page on my website to learn more.

I want families to preserve their story for the next generations and into the next century and beyond.

Photo coaches are needed to make that happen.

If you think this business might be for you, then contact me so we can see if it’s a good fit for you or maybe someone you know.

I’ve been able to work with so many wonderful clients and associates and I want to mentor others who want to experience this rewarding business, too.

Want more photo and smartphone stats? Click the title below:

How many pictures are there (2023) via

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