Here’s Why Photo Coaching is a Unique and Profitable Home Business Worth Building

Here’s why I chose photo coaching as a home business that’s been profitable for me and my family:

I remember the feeling of leaving the corporate world with its structure and entering the new world of being a stay-at-home mom with my toddlers. My husband and I knew the arrangement would be best for our young family yet I also needed and wanted to pursue building a business.

Young couple with child
Here I am with my husband Gerald and our son Troy


My kids were wonderful, of course, but I had developed skills that I wanted to put to use as an entrepreneur. It would be rewarding, like raising our children, while helping pay household bills and saving for the future.

Plenty of home-based businesses were available but a connection happened when I saw a friend’s scrapbook album. I’m more corporate-driven than I am artsy-craftsy. The album struck me because I saw an opportunity to help families tell their stories and preserve them for others to enjoy.

Here I am, almost 30 years later and I look back on the rewards of photo coaching while looking ahead to a bright future.




Why Photo Coaching is a Profitable Home Business

Look around your home and see how many scrapbook albums you might have on a shelf or loose photos in a closet. How do you organize them and tell a story?

Add to that thousands of digital photos and videos on your phone, laptop, external hard drive or other electronic device.

Laptop screen with fingers on keyboard
Photo by,

A need exists.

Families are taking more photos and videos than ever before. Yet, we’re short on time and we just keep piling up shots without understanding what we do or don’t have.

They need someone to coach them in organizing and safeguarding their memories. Maybe that someone is you.


My Photo Coaching “Toolkit”

Question: how do you organize and safely store the photos long-term?

My answer: I use the services of FOREVER®, the most complete memory-keeping system available and the only company that guarantees safe, permanent storage for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.

FOREVER® is my preferred tool for what I do.

Carpenters use hammers and saws. Doctors use stethoscopes. And I use FOREVER®.

I’ll show you why it’s such a great tool, or platform, for personal use and as a business to confidently service clients.

Do you have about 20 minutes?

I’ll give you a free virtual tour to show you how FOREVER® works. Judging from the responses the tours have had, you’ll be glad that you looked into FOREVER®.

Photo coaching is profitable because you can start with a small investment to launch your business, yet grow rapidly. You can easily scale around your hometown, your state, and nationally.

Scroll to the end and contact me to take a tour.

Chart Comparing FOREVER to other services
Download via Melody Whitehead

A Method I Use While Photo Coaching

My photo coaching career began roughly a decade before families began moving away from film and videotapes and into the world of digital photos and videos.

I used a timeless method to help families organize their photos in traditional scrapbook albums using basic the basic journalism technique of writing a story:

  • Who: is in the photo or video?
  • What: is happening?
  • When: did it occur? (think year, month, day, holiday, milestone like graduation or new home)
  • Where: did it happen?
  • Why: did it come about? (ex: your family decided to take a special trip)
  • How: (ex: did you rent a RV or fly to get a new car and drive home?)

These questions can be answered briefly, in only a sentence or two unless you want to expand on the story behind the photo, video, or special document.


How I Use FOREVER® and My Method

FOREVER® is amazing. You can:

  • Digitize older memories
  • Store them in your FOREVER® account
  • Upload all your newer files
  • Turn digital photos into photo books and other gifts
  • Even help clients do family research

You can gather all of your outdated media files with the photos and videos you’ll take in the coming months and years and store them in one safe place, guaranteed.

Imagine. You can digitize home movies from the 1940s and 1950s and store them in the same place as your videos taken during the 2020s and 2030s.

Little girl white dress1910
My grandmother, Albine Castagno,4 yeards old in 1910.
Young Woman rolling sausage dough with girl
My daughter and her niece making sausage balls.

I love showing this digitized photo of my grandmother from 1910 when she was only four years old and how I’ve stored that with this photo of my daughter and her niece (my granddaughter) taken in the last couple of years.

All your files are uploaded to a central location called your Library. From there, you can easily organize them into Albums and Nested Albums. You can also tag your photos and videos to search for them quickly.

Let’s say you digitize photos from the vacation you took with your parents in the early 1970s. They’ll be stored in your Library. Let’s say all your vacation photos are in an Album titled Vacations. Nested within that larger category are other Albums like “Family Vacations 1971” or “Vacation with Parents.”

You can see how mine is titled.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

There’s space in the margins to note when the photos or videos were taken. And you can write brief descriptions or longer ones to add depth to the story.



See FOREVER® in action on a virtual tour.

Melody Whitehead Family picture

Contact me via my website’s content form or email me:


Try FOREVER® firsthand with 2 free GB of storage space. You’ll see what it’s like to upload files and create Albums.

FOREVER® makes it easier than ever to run a photo coaching business because they handle the technology while you tap into the services they provide.

As you use FOREVER® personally, you’ll see why you can confidently offer the platform to your clients.



I’ve seen all types of people become successful using FOREVER® like younger stay-at-home moms, retirees, and professionals who want to add a valuable service to their existing business portfolio.

My passion is helping families preserve their unique stories for many generations to come.

You can be part of that mission.

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