Look Into this Untapped Home-Based Business Opportunity: Photo Coaching

If you’re considering starting as home-based business, then look into photo coaching as a business you can start for a nice side-hustle income or a profitable full-time business.

I’ve been a photo coach for nearly three decades and few people know about this business opportunity.

Look in the search engines for “best home businesses to start” and you’ll see listings of business ideas on Shopify.com, Forbes.com, and even the marketing site Hubspot.com.

All kinds of ideas are listed from affiliate marketing and dog walking to being a virtual assistant and personal chef.

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What about photo coaching as a side hustle or career?

I’d enjoy sharing with you why I see this as profitable and lucrative for years to come. Scroll to the end of this post to contact me and learn how this can benefit you.

I can help you understand if this is the business for you either part-time, full-time, or as an add-on to your existing professional portfolio of services.



Why Photo Coaching?

Families are Overwhelmed with Photos and Videos.

When I began as a photo coach in the mid-90s, creating artsy and beautiful-looking scrapbooks was the in-thing. That isn’t what attracted me to this business when I was a young mother.

I saw how families needed to journal their photos and save their most meaningful memories.

Now, as a young grandmother, I see that photo coaching has tremendous profit potential for those who decide to get involved. And it will for many years to come.

Here are 3 reasons why.

1 We take enormous amounts of photos and videos. The average user has around 2,100 photos on their smartphone in 2023, according to Photutorial.com. We take so many photos we can’t organize them and can’t remember what we’ve taken.

2 Families still have plenty of printed photos stored in boxes along with traditional scrapbook albums on shelves, VHS tapes, slides, and other files to digitize and they need to store those safely.

3 Social media and digital storage companies provide temporary storage or storage for an unknown amount of time. Users don’t read the ‘fine print’ and have no idea what’s happening to their digital images and files.

Social media companies can use your content for data mining. Other companies that have you pay low monthly fees to rent your digital space may not have plans to stay in business beyond the next one or two decades.

Most of them are compressing your files and you’re giving up your digital rights. Very scary!

Look at what happened recently: Costco announced in January this year (2023) that they’d end their photo storage business and transfer files to Shutterfly. After February 2024, they’ll delete any remaining photos in their digital storage business.

Think about that if you’re using Walgreens or similar companies.

I’ve only found one permanent photo and video storage solution—FOREVER®, the only complete memory-keeping system that’s designed for permanent storage and is guaranteed safe.

Storage comparison chart
Only FOREVER® offers true permanent storage

The benefits of FOREVER® for photo coaching

I want my clients to do exactly what my company name says and Safeguard Your Memories®.  This means safeguarding your most meaningful memories from 100 years ago and the memories to be created in the next 100 years.

You have your own memories to digitize and digital images to organize. While you’re building your own legacy, digital estate, you can help others as a side hustle or career.

Here’s how you can help clients using FOREVER®:

Offer a customer-friendly digitizing service.


Woman in bridal dress and veil
Screenshot of Nancy’s mother’s wedding in 1953, now safe in FOREVER(r)

Digitize older photos, VHS tapes, home movies, slide shows, and documents like wedding certificates, hard copy wedding vows, and more.

The image above is from the FOREVER® account of my friend and colleague, Nancy Launi, and is from Super 8 home movie of her parents’ wedding in 1953. Scroll to the end to link to Nancy’s story.

Many of my friends have entrusted FOREVER with digitizing their wedding photos, videos, and home movies of children taking first steps, and their grandchildren’s sports events.

Offer storage that’s going to last for the next century and beyond.

Your FOREVER® business makes it possible for families to safely store photos from the early 1900s, Super 8 home movies, and many other files.

FOREVER®’s storage capabilities make it easy to take an inventory of your memories, organize them into Albums, and use Tags to locate people, places, and other files you’ve identified.

Offer flexibility using their stored photos and more.

Your customers can turn their digital prints into high-quality photo books and gifts to give during the holidays and all year long.

Offer family research.

Looking up one’s DNA and learning about family history is quite popular. Genealogists can store their family photos and write brief or lengthy descriptions of grandparents, great-grandparents, and more.

FOREVER® offers the services of professional family history researchers who can provide consultations or work to uncover records that are hard to locate due to language and other barriers.


How important is photo coaching?

Have you known anyone who’s lost photos or other memories due to computer crashes, fires or other technological mishaps and natural disasters?

Memories are important to our well-being and the overall emotional health of our families.

Your memories may not have a dollar value like a house or car, but they have a value that can never be replaced once lost or damaged.

Families need photo coaches to teach them how to safely store and organize their photos, videos, and other important files.

FOREVER® is the system that you can use to meet your client’s needs and build a thriving business.


Take an Online Tour of FOREVER®

Give me a half-hour and I’ll show you why I’m passionate about my photo coaching business and why FOREVER® is a trusted partner that guarantees its service.

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories


Contact me through my website’s contact page or email me directly:


Try FOREVER® yourself with 2 Free GB of storage space and see what it’s like to upload photos and create albums.

Take a closer look at FOREVER® by joining one of my events online. Click my Events page to choose a topic of interest to you and see the dates.






Photo coaching has been a satisfying and rewarding career, giving me the opportunity to earn a professional income while giving me the flexibility to care for my family and do things I enjoy like travel and play golf.

FOREVER® has also made it possible for me to scale my business nationwide and enjoy getting to know wonderful people from around the nation … like you.

Click here to read about Nancy Launi digitizing fragile files from 70 years ago: Here’s Your Photo and Storage Solution for Guaranteed Peace of Mind.



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