5 Ways to Choose a Full-Time or Part-Time Home Business Like Photo Coaching

Plenty of home-based businesses exist but how do you choose one that’s right for you?

Here’s a brief guide to direct your thinking and introduce you to the idea and show you why I chose to run a business as a photo coach—and why I’m enthusiastic about the future of this specific business niche.


#1 Find something that sparks your interest

Choosing a home-based business is different from working in a job that you take for money. Every business has ups and downs and it helps to be passionate about the business you choose. Find something that sparks an interest and meets a need in your life and in the marketplace.

I stumbled across photo coaching nearly 30 years ago as a young mother who stepped out of the corporate world. A friend’s photo album caught my attention and I found it appealing.

I wanted to develop an income at home so I could be with my kids, but I also wanted a business that would give me professional satisfaction.

Photo coaching did just that and you can read more in the links at the end of this blog post.

Family with daughters in USC outfits
Can you tell who our favorite collegiate team is? A peek into our family history, dated 2000.


#2 Determine the need in the marketplace

How many people need the products or services you’re thinking of offering?

External drive and two photo albums
External drives have limits; photo by Don Simkovich


Not many people talk about photo coaching as a home business opportunity and not many know about it.

But we’re overwhelmed with photos and videos on our phones or other devices while also having pictures in traditional scrapbook albums and videos that we can’t watch in closets and on shelves.





Scrollilng images on a smartphone
Photo by Mike Jones, Pexels

According to an article on Eksposure.com, “the average person has about 630 photos and 24 videos on their phone.” That’s a worldwide average and, honestly, I think that’s a low figure. I’ve linked to the article at the end of this post.

Families don’t know how to organize them or store them well and the need is going to persist for decades to come.

Many people think social media is a way to store and share photos.

I’ll be glad to share what I know about the data mining and temporary nature of “free” or low cost photo storage sites.



#3 Decide on working alone or with an established brand

In my photo coaching business, I’ve worked on my own and with an established brand. My company is  known as Safeguard Your Memories® (a division of Photo Solutions with Melody, LLC) because that perfectly states what I do. But I also leverage the services of FOREVER®, a complete memory-keeping system.

FOREVER® has a platform that works seamlessly.

Click on the links below to see how my clients can:

Shot of Digital Photo Album from Melody Whitehead's Parents
My parents’ digital album with their photos from childhood to senior years in one place


You can take files stored in the digital album and turn them into gifts like photo books, wall art, notebooks, and other everyday items.

Families can also use FOREVER® to research their family history so they can write their story along with storing their photos.

You have flexibility in how you develop your brand and career. As a photo coach, I decided to brand my own company while utilizing the services of FOREVER®.

The platform let me easily digitize my parents’ older photos and home movies. This is a peek at their album on FOREVER®.



#4 Choose a newer business with a track record of success

Ground floor opportunities aren’t necessarily the best businesses to start because companies are finding their way and they’re improving their business model. A reason I like FOREVER ® is that the company has developed a positive track record of successful photo coaches with a growing number of satisfied clients.

It’s moved past its infancy stage and is setting an industry standard for excellence in the area of photo preservation.


#5 Select a business that allows you to scale

My photo coaching now spans a few decades, so I’ve learned many of the key players in the industry. FOREVER® gives me a reach that I could never have developed on my own, even if I had a large investment.

I can work with multiple customers across the U.S. and Canada from my home in the greater Palm Springs, California area.

Home office looking outside
My home office today, where I connect with clients and team members across the U.S.

Virtual meetings are easy ways to share with them and answer questions about digitizing old files and storing them together with newer files.

You can see the Events page on my website showing times and dates for writing a family story using photos, organizing photos, and more.

FOREVER® also helps my clients scale. Once they have their account, they can allow family and friends to share their most meaningful memories to include.


I’ll Gladly Share My Experience

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

If you want to find out more and see if photo coaching as a home-based business is right for you then I invite you to try the platform and learn how it works.

Get 2 free GB of storage so you can see how to create an album, upload photos and videos and more.

Contact me and I’ll share how I’ve made photo coaching my career.

If you decide to enter the business, then I’ll offer to mentor you as well.

I’m passionate that families preserve their memories for future generations to access just as I’ve done. And I’m passionate that they get the help they need from qualified photo coaches who care.

That could be you.




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