Why Photo Coaching is a Business with a Profitable Future

Easy-to-use tools give you what you need to run a profitable business to organize and permanently store photos for families and small businesses. Operate from your home–or anywhere with an internet connection.

I’m in my 27th year as a photo coach and I’m excited about the future of my business. Families across the United States and internationally have a greater need than ever for someone to guide them in organizing their most meaningful memories.

Home offiw looking outside
My home office today, where I connect with clients and team members across the U.S.

Why More Photo Coaches are Needed in the Digital Age

It’s simple. Skim the following stats and see that more photos than ever are being taken:

  • In 2017, Business Insider reported an increase of 100 billion more photos taken in 2017 than 2016
  • In 2018, Forbes.com reported 4.7 trillion photos stored
  • By 2025, Photutorial is projecting that 2 trillion photos a year will be taken

Note: as of early 2022, an estimated 12.4 trillion photos have been taken since the first photo was shot in 1826.

About 92 percent of all photos are taken on smartphones.

Add videos being shot during holiday celebrations, birthdays, and sporting events and the number of digital files needing to be organized and stored will continue growing.

And how are they stored? On rented spaces with low monthly fees? Or for free on social media. Those are, at best, temporary storage solutions that you don’t own and where you’re subject to data mining.

You’ll learn more as you read on.

Now let’s look at those traditional scrapbook albums lining shelves and stored in closets.


The Need to Digitize Older Media Files

VHS tapes, photos, slides for conversion
Photo by Melody Whitehead

Just 15 years to 20 years ago, film was the way to take pictures and families used consumer-grade video cameras to shoot memorable videos.

So you likely have lots of print pictures but how many of you still have slide shows and older home movies in your home?

Hard to view them today, isn’t it?

Those older media files need digitizing so they can be placed into permanent, digital storage.





The Solutions You can Offer as a Photo Coach

Technology will continue changing but I can show you how I’ll stay relevant and continue meeting my client’s needs.


Organize photos

I show families how to use the basic questions journalists ask to shape their news stories:

  • What – is happening in the photo
  • Who – is in the picture
  • Why – is this important
  • Where – did it take place
  • When – did it occur
  • How – did it come about

I’ve used these questions when there were only print photos in years past—but now they help you choose the most meaningful digital pictures while you can confidently delete photos you don’t need. You can adapt these questions as needed.

But organizing is key so you don’t get overwhelmed by vast numbers of photos and videos.


Store Photos Permanently

Storing photos, videos, and documents online is a permanent, guaranteed solution that I’ve found using the services of FOREVER®. I seamlessly incorporate it into my business Safeguard Your Memories®.

Family Photo in FOREVER
The FOREVER digital album makes storing photos convenient and safe, thanks to Cindy Marks

Benefits of FOREVER® include owning your space and not renting. You invest once in the amount of storage you need and the space is yours. You have the option to pay upfront or break the fee into smaller monthly amounts for 2 years and then you own.

It’s easy to purchase additional storage if needed in the future.

Research and development is at the heart of FOREVER® so they’re able to commit to staying up-to-date with changes in technology. That’s why permanent storage is guaranteed safe for your lifetime, your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond.


Digitize older files

This is a no-hassle and safe way to digitize your traditional scrapbook album pages along with VHS tapes, slide shows, film reels, printed photos and more. Your files are shipped within the U.S. and sent back to you. They will be stored in your FOREVER permanent storage online space you own.


Write and share your family’s story

I’m passionate that families capture their story and share it with ones who want to read it. Privacy settings are easy to set in FOREVER® so you might have digital albums that are only for your closest family members to access while you might have others set for public viewing and some set private only for your viewing.

Get started with others during a fun, virtual event that my friends and I co-host. Check my Events page for dates and times.


Easily create printed photobooks

Print is still convenient and I’ll gladly show you how to use FOREVER® and turn your digital photos into priceless photo books or a personalized keepsake that you can give as memories throughout the year.


Considering this opportunity


Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

Contact me and I’ll gladly share my experiences. I work from my home office with clients and colleagues all over the U.S. and Canada.

I started as a photo coach in the mid-90s when I was a young mother wanting to stay home with my two preschool-age children, yet I also wanted to earn an income doing something I enjoyed.

There are many professionals handling insurance and personal finances who add this to their existing line of services since our family photos are really valuable assets.


Fewer young adults and married couples are collecting memorabilia to store in their homes and apartments so FOREVER® reduces physical clutter while letting us safely access important memories.

Try FOREVER® by getting 2 GB of free storage so you can experience how it works.


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Figures quoted in this post come from:

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