Make Your Photos and Video in 2023 Last … FOREVER®

Did you capture some photos and videos of the eventful 2022 holiday season with exceptionally snowy and icy weather in places like Buffalo and Seattle? It wasn’t all fun and sleigh rides with flights delayed around the country and drivers getting stuck in snow drifts. In my previous home of Pasadena, the Rose Parade was […]

How to Store Your Back-to-School Photos Safely and Permanently

Young teens walking to school

Another back-to-school milestone is taking place for families across the country. As kids wear backpacks during their rides to school and as they step into the classroom, just imagine all the photos that parents and grandparents are taking. But where will they store those photos so that they’re guaranteed safe for another century and beyond? […]

Why Photo Coaching is a Business with a Profitable Future

People outdoors taking pic with smartphones

Easy-to-use tools give you what you need to run a profitable business to organize and permanently store photos for families and small businesses. Operate from your home–or anywhere with an internet connection. I’m in my 27th year as a photo coach and I’m excited about the future of my business. Families across the United States […]

Learn how to do more with your family photos during a free event

3 girls Missouri early 20th century

What a great time to tell your family’s history through the photos and documents you collect. It’s now possible to organize them in digital albums that you own and can pass on to descendants you’ll never meet. Learn more for free this coming Saturday, Feb. 26 during an event hosted by FOREVER, a company I’ve […]

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