How to Store Your Back-to-School Photos Safely and Permanently

Another back-to-school milestone is taking place for families across the country. As kids wear backpacks during their rides to school and as they step into the classroom, just imagine all the photos that parents and grandparents are taking.

But where will they store those photos so that they’re guaranteed safe for another century and beyond?

This is the photo I took of my daughter in 1997 when she headed off to kindergarten, below.

Guess what? Her picture is stored so that her grandchildren will be able to view it in 2097–and their grandchildren will be able to view it well after!

Kindergrten girl wearing backpack
My daughter 1997–heading to kindergarten

Back to School

It’s never “just another year” of school. The months have highs, lows, and plenty of fun and drama with friends, sports, and clubs—like the drama club! Or chess club.

Our school photos aren’t just for our kids, but they’re also links to past relatives. Do you have photos of your parents or grandparents in school, copies of their diplomas, or even their yearbooks?

School is a rite of passage and today the classroom experience is incredibly varied.

Homeschooling is booming in popularity and so are high schools with academies and a special emphasis on the arts or STEM. A student heading into 4th grade now will soon be graduating as a high school senior to either enter the workforce or head into a dorm room at college.

Plenty of activity happens along with personal growth and development for students and their families.

You have wonderful opportunities for taking memorable photos. But again, what will you do with them?


Put Your Photos and Videos in One Place

Do you organize them first and store them later?

Organizing and storing go hand-in-hand. I’m in my 27th year as a photo coach and I’m so excited to have a solution that didn’t exist in the early years of my career.

FOREVER® is an all-in-one system to safeguard all of your memories from the past and present.

How? Easy.

You own your storage space.

FOREVER® gives you the option of owning your space versus renting or relying on unreliable social media accounts. This means you’re not subject to data mining, advertising or getting locked out of your account. Owning your space with a one-time investment or up to a 24-month payment plan gives you control over privacy settings for now and into the future.

Digitize printed photos, album pages, outdated media files.

You can safely digitize printed photos stuffed in envelopes or arranged in traditional scrapbook albums. Still have 8mm home movies? How about slide shows or handwritten letters aging in the attic? All of those can easily be digitized and stored.

Of course, uploading digital images and files from your device is convenient and easy to do. Use your phone, digital camera, computer or external hard drive.

So now you have one place to safeguard your memories.


Organize Your Files

Organize your images, videos and documents by creating main albums and then creating sub-albums. Main albums can be general categories like School. Within that you can best sub-albums like Grandma, Grandpa School Years. Or albums like Our Family with sub-albums named for Mom, Dad, and each child.

Privacy settings let you share the albums even if others don’t own their unique FOREVER® space.


Yearbook Junior Play 1926
My grandmother’s high school memories–now digitized so my daughter’s grandchildren and great-children will be able to access them


Organize in a way that makes sense with how you think. These albums are meant to be accessed and used decades from now so think through how someone would look through them.

Images can be tagged so they’re easy to find and they can be cross-referenced.

Permanent, Safe Storage Guaranteed

FOREVER® guarantees that your most meaningful memories will be safely stored for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond. The company uses a portion of your ownership to continually research and develop technologies that will be able to handle older files and newer ones.


Versatile Storage

Your photos and images can be used in wonderful ways to show others you care and are thinking of them. Easily print photo books from your storage account and make special gifts like wall décor.


Tell Your Story

Images in your account have an area where you can write a brief description to help you tell your family’s story. Imagine your first-grader today as a great-grandparent and sharing the album to show others what school was like way back in 2022.

What was school like and was it positive or not? What was the impact and what did sports uniforms look like?

Here’s a thought: what sports teams will schools have in 100 years or 200 years? Your FOREVER® album also serves as a historical record.


I’m Here to Help

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today



Telling your family’s story is important which is why I invite you to check my website’s Events page. There are dates and times when we gather virtually to show each other how to write stories with our photos and more.

It’s easy to do? Why not try it out?

Get your free log-in account with 2 GB of space.

Then contact me and I’ll be glad to talk with you through the process of uploading and storing all your most meaningful memories.




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