Start a Home Business Offering Permanent Digital Storage for Photos and Videos

Home office looking outside

If you’re thinking about launching a home business, I’d like you to consider providing digital storage for families who want to bring their photos, videos, and other memories into one safe, secure place. Here’s why. Look around your home and see if you’ve got shelves with VHS tapes, slide shows gathering dust, and printed photos […]

Safeguarding Your Most Meaningful Independence Day and Summer Photos and Videos

Where will you safeguard and store your Independence Day and other summer photos and videos? Remember marveling at the burst of reds, blues, oranges and other colors in the fireworks displays going off on the Independence Day? What are your favorite memories? In Pasadena where I lived for many years, a major celebration takes place […]

Trusted, Permanent Storage for Photos, Videos, Letters, and More

Person writing letter by old typewriter

A friend of mine was visiting his childhood home and was cleaning an upstairs attic that his elderly father could no longer clean. He found a shoebox covered with dust, opened the lid, and saw it stuffed with letters. He pulled one out and saw dozens more letters his deceased mother had written to his […]

Reasons to Digitize Old Memories like Postcards, Letters, and Awards

Hands of older person filing through old letters

You find a postcard from your trip to the Grand Canyon or that special vacation you took to Italy decades ago. And you want to save it for your grandkids and their grandkids. How do you safely store it? That’s what I’m tackling this week. Postcards from the past are memories worth saving just like […]

Organize, Store, and Share Your Photos with the Ones You Love

Woman and man taking selfie

Make organizing and storing your photos a family-wide project, and enjoy doing it during special times like anniversaries along with special observances and holidays. It’s a year-round activity that can draw you closer together with others. I’ve been writing a lot about researching your family’s history by journaling photos, interviewing family members, and using free […]

The Life-Changing Benefit of Storing Your Memories Permanently

Woman writing notes near her laptop

I know why it’s tough to store your photos, videos and more in a safe, secure place. It seems like you don’t have time. So many other things are priorities. But storing your memories digitally—and permanently—has lifetime benefits for your family that will last for generations to come. Here’s a brief story: My family used […]

Safeguarding More than Your Family Photos and Videos

Older woman baking with teen girl eating cookie

I store my most meaningful photos and videos in the platform FOREVER®, but did you know that you can store other memories that enrich our lives? Think about it. Our family photos and videos are worth saving, storing, and preserving but those aren’t the only items that reveal who we are and show us what’s […]

Make Your Photos and Video in 2023 Last … FOREVER®

Did you capture some photos and videos of the eventful 2022 holiday season with exceptionally snowy and icy weather in places like Buffalo and Seattle? It wasn’t all fun and sleigh rides with flights delayed around the country and drivers getting stuck in snow drifts. In my previous home of Pasadena, the Rose Parade was […]

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