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A friend of mine was visiting his childhood home and was cleaning an upstairs attic that his elderly father could no longer clean. He found a shoebox covered with dust, opened the lid, and saw it stuffed with letters.

He pulled one out and saw dozens more letters his deceased mother had written to his father during their brief courtship in the mid-1950s.

It was a treasure of memories and one he had never seen or known about while growing up.

Old photos in a pile
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood, Pexels

Attics hold many secrets, don’t they? So do closets.

You find a photo album in a closet, wipe the dust off the cover, and discover memories that you’d forgotten about completely.

But I’m sure you don’t want photos, love letters, or family documents to be accidentally stumbled upon or re-discovered.

That’s why I’m offering a free virtual tour of the platform FOREVER® — it’s the most safe and secure place where you can store all of your most meaningful memories from the past and the ones you’ll create in the future.

Scroll to the end of this post to take the tour.

Now discover the many benefits of using FOREVER®.


Why Safeguard Your Memories®?

What photos and videos do you find yourself looking back on? Albums of the kids? Your wedding? Personal milestones from high school or college?

Your memories are unique—no one else has lived a life like yours. They’re like visual or written treasures telling the story of your family’s life.

If you don’t have a plan for safekeeping then let me show you that Safeguarding Your Memories® is easier than ever.

You can store your files from today alongside all your older printed photos, VHS tapes, 8 mm home movies and more.

You’ll get to see how this works on the virtual tour.

I’ll show you the system I use and why it’s the most trusted solution I’ve found in nearly 30 years of photo coaching.


One Safe, Secure Place

Bring everything together in one safe, secure place using FOREVER®.

Screenshot of letters stored in digital album
On the FOREVER blog One Letter at a Time.

If you’re a young grandparent who’s celebrating a few decades or more of marriage, you can safely store your photos alongside photos that you’ll be taking of your grandkids.

FOREVER® gives you full control over your videos, photos, letters, slide shows, and more.

  • Digitize your older memories and upload them to a FOREVER® account.
  • Store them in your Library and organize your photos in Albums and sub-albums.
  • Set your privacy controls to allow who can see them whether it’s just you, family and friends, or the general public. You’re in control.
  • You can turn your digital collection into printed photo books and you can also use the platform to chronicle and research your family’s history.

FOREVER® is guaranteed safe for a lifetime, plus well into the next century and beyond because the company is committed to staying current with the latest media files and being able to migrate older files.


Trust is Earned

Do you trust where your memories are kept?

The closet? The shelves in your home office or study?

You might trust the online sites with the big names … or the sites you pay a low monthly fee to use.

Companies shift their business models. In January, I published a post about Costco moving its online photo service to Shutterfly. On Feb. 1, 2024, Costco will delete any photos still left on its photo storage site.

That will never happen with FOREVER®.

Why trust this platform more than any other service?

The company now has a favorable track record and has earned high marks on Trustpilot. See the link below.

One reason is that you have the option to own your account compared to “renting” it with a small monthly fee.

Another reason is that FOREVER® guarantees that your files will remain available and accessible as technology changes.

I’ll gladly go over it with you, too, during the tour.

Glance over this chart to see how FOREVER® compares with other services.




In just about 20 minutes, I’ll show you why I place so much trust in FOREVER®. I know the leadership of the company quite well after working with them closely during the past several years.

It’s a fun time and it’ll show you a terrific option for storing photos, videos, and more permanently.


Italy 2006 Gerald and Me in Italy

Contact me through my website form or send me an email directly to:

You can also try FOREVER® with 2 free GB of storage space. Upload photos and create a few albums.

My passion is that you Safeguard Your Memories and enjoy sharing your family’s story with future generations well into the next century and beyond.



Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

You can use FOREVER® to build a business like I’ve done.

Here’s a post on photo coaching: Looking for the Best Home Businesses to Start? Try Photo Coaching

My January post on Costco: Costco is Moving Online Photo Services to Shutterfly—What that Means for You



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