Start a Home Business Offering Permanent Digital Storage for Photos and Videos

If you’re thinking about launching a home business, I’d like you to consider providing digital storage for families who want to bring their photos, videos, and other memories into one safe, secure place.

Here’s why.

Look around your home and see if you’ve got shelves with VHS tapes, slide shows gathering dust, and printed photos tucked away in traditional scrapbook albums. If you’ve glanced around where your friends live, I’m sure you’ll see the same situation.


External drive and two photo albums
External drives have limits; photo by Don Simkovich


Here’s the problem that you can solve with a home-based business:

Providing one safe storage solution where a family can digitize and store their most meaningful memories from the past, the present, and the future.

Their digitized memories will never have to be digitized again by future generations thanks to the FOREVER Guarantee.

I’m a photo coach with a career spanning almost 30 years and this is a great time to start a photo coaching business. I use the services of FOREVER® in my business and that gives me the opportunity to truly SafeguardYourMemories® for the next 100 years and beyond.

In 30 minutes, I’ll show you how I I help clients store multiple lifetimes of memories; photo by Fredrick Eankels

Take a virtual tour of FOREVER®.

Scroll to the end of this post to contact me.

Give me 30 minutes and I’ll show you how to you can help families safeguard a lifetime of memories.


What’s the current situation?

Here’s the dilemma families are facing.

1 We still have technology from the past that we want to keep but we can’t use.

Printed photos, VHS tapes, 8mm home movies and more are technology from the past and raises big questions:

How do you digitize them and have the peace of mind that future generations will not have to pay to have them digitized again? Especially with current format changes? How do you seamlessly save them with the photos and videos you take on your phone?

2 Minimalist living is the trend.

More people are living with fewer knick-knacks and collectibles. GenXers, GenZers,  and Gen123ers or whatever the latest generation name is are less likely than their BabyBoomer parents to store bulky albums.

How do you easily share all those treasured memories from decades gone by?

FOREVER® is convenient and lets you connect with friends and family anywhere they have an internet connection.

3 We’re overwhelmed with our digital files.

How many photos and videos do you take when you’re on a hike, shopping, or eating dinner? We take a steady stream of photos and videos in our everyday lives and multiply the stream when we’re on vacation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly see your inventory of images and video files? FOREVER® makes it easy to see what you should keep and what you can confidently delete.

4 All stages of life are impacted.

20-something’s just starting out, mid-career families with kids, and those of us who are grandparents straddle the world of hard copy memories and the digital world.


FOREVER® is a smart home business opportunity.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

Help families store their most meaningful memories in one safe, secure place that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.

Your clients will reduce clutter, enjoy greater peace of mind, and connect with family and friends in a new way.

I chose FOREVER® over other digital storage companies because:

My clients can own their digital spaces.

They’re not renting for a low monthly fee or using it for free. They can breathe a sigh of relief because their data isn’t being used for marketing or advertising purposes.

FOREVER® is trusted for permanent storage. Guaranteed.

Here’s what’s happening in the industry with just 2 companies. Google Photos will be deleting inactive accounts and in January 2023 CostCo announced the end of its online storage business.

Plus, FOREVER® has the highest rating in its industry with Trustpilot. There are more than 1,600 reviews and 87% are 5 star ratings. The FOREVER® team communicates closely with customers and photo coaches using it in our business.

I’ll share more on our tour about why FOREVER® has been a profitable way for me to operate my photo coaching business.

It’s right for so many from young mothers to retirees and professionals like photographers and those of you who help families with protecting their assets. You can add FOREVER® to your portfolio of services.

Photo coaches can scale their businesses.


Home office looking outside
My home office today, where I connect with clients and team members across the U.S.

Digitization and storage services are foundational revenue streams, but your clients can also create photo books and gifts for families using their stored digital images.

You can chronicle your family history and make use of FOREVER®’s professional genealogists to assist in family research projects.

A streaming option for stored videos is also available.

FOREVER® has made it possible for me to serve clients throughout the U.S. and Canada, even though I live in Southern California and work from my home office.


Find out more on the tour.

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

Take a virtual tour with me.

Give me 30 minutes, and you’ll see the many benefits of FOREVER® in action and why the company is experiencing tremendous growth.

Contact me using my web form or email me directly:


You can try FOREVER® personally with 2 free GB of storage space and experience uploading images from your electronic devices.

I enjoy helping families preserve their treasured and cherished memories for future generations and if you like helping families then consider photo coaching as a home business or addition to your existing professional services.


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