Organize, Store, and Share Your Photos with the Ones You Love

Make organizing and storing your photos a family-wide project, and enjoy doing it during special times like anniversaries along with special observances and holidays. It’s a year-round activity that can draw you closer together with others.

I’ve been writing a lot about researching your family’s history by journaling photos, interviewing family members, and using free resources. Your story is unique and I believe the time you spend putting your memories in order and safeguarding them is more than worthwhile.

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My go-to platform is FORERVER® because of the many benefits it offers like being:

  • a safe and secure place to store your most meaningful memories. FOREVER® is guaranteed to last your lifetime, into the next century, and beyond
  • a platform where you own the space and your data isn’t used for marketing purposes like data mining

Read on to see how you can make organizing and storing your memories a special time by using FOREVER®.

Then scroll to near the end of this post and contact me so I can give you a brief tour of this robust system and see how you can get 2 GB of free storage.




Digitize with love

For a married couple, one of the spouses may end up doing most of the organizing and uploading of photos and videos. Often, it’s the wife. Here’s how you can bring the husband into the, uh, picture as well.

Turn your photos, videos, and all your most meaningful memories into a special anniversary gift.

Photo by George Pak, Pexels

If you’re new to FOREVER® or just getting started then commemorate your anniversary with a gift box that you can fill with your most meaningful memories that need digitizing. Look through traditional scrapbook albums, VHS tapes, old slide shows, and documents like your marriage certificate or any handwritten letters you sent to each other.

Pack them and send them off to FOREVER®’s digitizing facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s nice to know your memories stay within the U.S. and the team offers excellent customer care. I’ve known friends who have sent their wedding videos and photos and the customer care team has called them if they had questions about the files.

Your digitized memories are then uploaded into your main section of FOREVER® called your Library.

Here are stories from friends and photo coaching colleagues and how they use FOREVER® with some of their loved ones. Links to their specific blog posts are at the end, after the tour.

Screenshot of letters stored in digital album
On the FOREVER blog One Letter at a Time.

Inspired to organize

Kathy Storie’s father, Bert, is nearing 90 years old, and in 2021 I wrote about how she spent a day every week to help him sort through old photos, upload them to FOREVER®, and help him re-discover his childhood and early adult years.

Once his photos were in order, Kathie showed him how to store everything on FOREVER®. She helped him make photo books that he gave as mementos to his children, and his brother who was deeply touched.

Photo books are quite a gift and they serve many different purposes. Kathy Jones created what she refers to as “family photo books” for her adult son who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Several years later, her husband received the same diagnosis.

In the blog post, “Finding Joy Through Family History Photobooks,” Kathy writes about the heirloom photo books she’s made for herself, friends, and clients for her photo coaching services.

Using FOREVER® you can capture special moments digitally and in printed photo books.


Share with joy

How’d you like to stream home movies and videos you and your family took 20, 30, or 60 years ago? And you could do it for the benefit of others?

You have the option when using the FOREVER® platform.

My friend and colleague Brandi Koehm shared a touching story about visiting her 92-year-old grandmother who’s battling Alzheimer’s.

Brandi’s an avid user of FOREVER® and also a photo coach who’s digitized 40 VHS family movies and 5 family movie reels. She took her phone, clicked on the FOREVER® app, and showed her grandmother a movie of her six children from 40 years earlier.

Brandi says the special moment gave her a window into a life that she remembers.

You’re in control

I hope you see how organizing your memories and storing them permanently has special meaning for you.

It’s also easy to share FOREVER® with children, cousins, and friends who live in other parts of the country and around the globe.

You have settings for keeping all your files private, giving access to family and friends, and even making them public. You can share memories from several decades ago and the photos and videos you’ll take this year.

It’s a great way to keep everyone connected while safeguarding your memories.


How does FOREVER® work?

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today

Give me 20 minutes for a guided tour of FOREVER® and you’ll be blown away by what it does and why I use it instead of other online storage options.

I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and I’m grateful for FOREVER®, an all-in-one memory-keeping system that I’ve been using and sharing with my clients for the past several years.

I’ll show you how I have photos from a hundred years ago on the same platform as photos and videos that I’ve uploaded just recently.

Please get in touch.

Click here for the contact form on my website or, just send me an email directly:



Your privacy is a priority with me just as it is with FOREVER®.

I hope to hear from you and will be glad to answer your questions about this terrific storage solution.










Enjoy the stories of my friends mentioned in this post. Click the titles to read more:

Kathy Storie: Strengthening Family Bonds by Organizing and Storing Family Photos

Kathy Jones: Finding Joy through Family History Photo Books

Brandi Koehm: The Benefits of Storing Family Photos and Videos Safely and Permanently




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