The Benefits of Storing Family Photos and Videos Safely and Permanently

Brandi Koehm wanted her family photos, videos and home movies stored in a safe place but felt a “dark cloud” of uncertainty. And then it happened.

Her files were uploaded to her computer that she knew “was dying.” Then the hard drive crashed and she lost three years’ worth of meaningful memories, unable to recover them.

Brandi then found a solution giving her peace of mind that all of her family’s memories are safely stored for her lifetime—and for generations, even centuries, to come.

The solution is a complete memory-keeping system, FOREVER® that allowed Brandi to digitize older media files.

“Using FOREVER®, I’ve been able to digitize 40 VHS family movies and 5 family movie reels, plus my photo albums,” she says.

She also uploads her current photos and videos on her phone and other devices and they’re easy to access and share with others.

Recently, Brandi was visiting her 92-year-old grandmother and used her phone to click on the FOREVER® app and show her grandmother a movie of her six kids from 40 years ago.

“It was awesome because she’s battling Alzheimers,” says Brandi, “and gave her a window to this life that she actually does remember.”

2 women and 92 yr old grandmother


A Trusted Service

Brandi has enjoyed digitizing her most meaningful memories using FOREVER® because it’s a personal White Glove service.

“I’ve sent in the original copy of my wedding video and I’ve never felt any concerns that my files would be lost or damaged. FOREVER® takes such good care of our items,” says Brandi. “It’s a personalized service where they reach out to me if they have questions on my order and it works so differently than a lot of the larger companies that offer the same type of [digitizing] service.”

The trust extends to security settings that allow users to choose who, if anyone, may view their albums and photos.

“The privacy aspect gives me a safe place to store but I also like that my information’s not accessible to other companies who’d like to use that for marketing and advertising.”

Trust is important, especially because Brandi and her husband, are adoptive parents who stay in touch with their children’s birth families by turning photos into memories they can touch and cherish at home.

“I love that I can use my FOREVER® account to make keepsake items like a canvas or ornament, magnets, or photo mug and printed photo books to share my boys’ lives with their birth families.”

Brandi shares pictures and videos through the Friends/Family link in her digital albums. “They watch for the notification that I’ve uploaded photos and they get to be part of our memories.”

The families are able to participate.

“They’re able to add their photos of our times together to our albums and the sharing has brought our families even closer together.”

Family Photo Collage
It’s easy to share photos openly or privately and create keepsakes

An Unmatched Guarantee

How can Brandi count on FOREVER® to keep her photos safe? She owns her digital space instead of renting it as other companies offer. And FOREVER® is built for stability and to handle changes in technology, unlike social media companies that offer a seemingly free service where they leverage user data for marketing purposes.

FOREVER® invests a portion of ownership revenue into research and development so owners are assured that older and newer media files can be handled well into the future.

The company guarantees that the files stored today will be accessible for a lifetime, plus well over a hundred years or longer.


A Professional Service to Organize and Store Photos

Brandi appreciates the value of FOREVER® so much that she helps other families use the platform to protect their past and present family memories.

Boy writing on pad of paper by photo album
Take 15 min a day to safeguard your memories

Being overwhelmed is a 21st-century malady but Brandi urges families to just “get started and take about 15 minutes a day” to organize and store photos, videos, and more.

She also uses FOREVER® as an income stream and has worked with some colleagues to host a series of Zoom sessions, Finish in 4, showing how to use the FOREVER® account. The once-a-week sessions are 30-minutes long and attendees are walked through each step of the process.

It’s easy to use the platform on your own but the fun-filled sessions help flatten the learning curve. Topics include plenty of how-tos like:

  • Loading photos
  • Creating and placing photos in albums
  • Tagging photos to find them easily
  • Filtering the best photos to keep and use for projects like printed photo books

All sessions are recorded so those who attend can play back the information while others can choose to watch on their own time.

The sessions are $40 and once the work is completed then Brandi credits back $20 that her clients can use to purchase in use with the many FOREVER® services.


A Convenient Way to Save

FOREVER® provides ways for owners to save using The Club, a simple savings plan with added and discounts and savings.

“It’s the best way to take advantage of all the savings that are offered,” says Brandi.


Here to Help with Your Memories

Save your memories a little at a time


Brandi has been using FOREVER® since 2015 and is knowledgeable on digitizing, organizing and running her business.

She invites you to sign up for 2GB of free storage and experience the FOREVER® benefits.








Contact Brandi

Have questions on organizing photos, digitizing those older precious memories, and having FOREVER® to generate? income.

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