The Benefits of Storing Family Photos and Videos Safely and Permanently

Collage of family photos

Brandi Koehm wanted her family photos, videos and home movies stored in a safe place but felt a “dark cloud” of uncertainty. And then it happened. Her files were uploaded to her computer that she knew “was dying.” Then the hard drive crashed and she lost three years’ worth of meaningful memories, unable to recover […]

Summer Photography Tips and Permanent Photo Storage Solutions

There’s more light in the day and the world takes on a different color scheme. Your routine may stay the same but capture those moments during the summer that you don’t have during the other months in the year. Then scroll down to learn how to safeguard and share your summer memories for generations to […]

The Power of Digitizing Your Family’s Photos and History in Digital Storage

Melody and Jack inset with film reels

Family photos aren’t static items, but they bring memories to the surface and let us relive some of the most important moments of our past. They also bring joy to our aging parents and grandparents by giving them a sense of joy and meaning that television and crossword puzzles simply can’t. My dad is a […]

How to Safely and Easily Digitize Your Family’s Photos and History

Woman posing with photo albums

How many traditional or scrapbook photo albums do you have around your house, the ones with printed pictures neatly arranged showing relatives, vacations, and birthdays from years past? In the early years when I helped my mother and grandmother, we ended up with 60 traditionally made albums between us. We journaled in them and told […]

The Importance of Using and Storing Photos in Your Small Business

three women with styling scissors and brush

Small business owners wanting to grow and market their company know that images are critical to attract customers and clients. Marketing isn’t the only reason to take pictures. Photos can be a form of record keeping for insurance purposes—and, especially, for home businesses, a source of memories that you want to safeguard. A business takes […]

The Benefits of Digitally Storing Photos Permanently in the Cloud

Three women smiling at phone camera

  What’s your favorite social media platform? How many of them do you typically use? They’re great for staying in touch with friends and family, but they’re not great for storing your photos long term. You need a simple digital strategy that will serve you and your family for decades to come. Why? Read on […]

Reap the Benefits of Organizing with a Photo Coach

Photo albums, vhs tape and CD in a stack

If you’re surrounded by photo albums or old VHS tapes, consider using a photo coach to update all those wonderful photos with their memories. Your goal is to get them into permanent digital storage where they’re easily accessible for decades to come. Look at the benefits:   You have a Listening Ear Yes, you may […]

Organize Your Photos to Discover Family and Leave a Legacy

Pile of photos

    The Value of Organizing Your Family Photos We know the challenges faced during Covid-19, but did you have a chance to slow down, breathe and organize around your home? Applause if you tossed old files and broken toys. But what about those photo albums and hundreds of photos on your phone, Facebook or […]

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