The Power of Digitizing Your Family’s Photos and History in Digital Storage

Man in suit with girl on lap, 1967
Me with my dad, Jack, in 1967.

Family photos aren’t static items, but they bring memories to the surface and let us relive some of the most important moments of our past. They also bring joy to our aging parents and grandparents by giving them a sense of joy and meaning that television and crossword puzzles simply can’t.

My dad is a case in point and his story is a reason I urge families to safeguard their memories by digitizing them and storing them permanently in a safe place.

Keeping Memories Safe

I’m in my 27th year as a photo coach. Looking back to the early 2000s when digital cameras and cell phones hit the scene I doubted the technology. I wondered if the transition to digital would finish off my business as we edged closer to 2010. I was used to helping families organize and journal their printed photos and this was a business I loved.

Fortunately, I found a way to digitize photos using scanner technologies. The process was slow and cumbersome, but I kept at it because my mother and I had 60 traditional scrapbook albums between us, and we never wanted to lose those memories due to a disaster so we digitized them.

I lived in the foothills of Pasadena in an area where the danger of wildfires was high. I knew enough to grab my photos and photo albums if we had to evacuate, but what if a fire suddenly struck when we weren’t home? So, I kept scanning and scanning.

Perseverance pays off and in 2015 I came across a company where I could honestly say they provided permanent storage. It was FOREVER which guarantees safe storage for a lifetime, plus at least 100 years but the goal is longer. And they offered a service better than scanning.

We could now not only digitize printed photos and albums faster with their digitization service, but we now could also help people digitize videos, slides and those 8mm home movies. It was easy to print the stored photos as photobooks to give as gifts. FOREVER truly is one digital home for people’s most meaningful memories!

You can see why I changed my business name to Safeguard Your Memories®, a division of Photo Solutions with Melody, LLC to show the value of what could be accomplished.


Keeping Families Connected

Using FOREVER was a tremendous benefit to me and my clients but it also helped me serve my parents, too. Years earlier on Wednesdays, I’d visit my parents and help them organize their digitized photos and other media in their FOREVER Permanent Storage account.

Family Photo Collage
My parents’ family photos organized in their FOREVER account


Our treasured moments included watching film reels from when my father was a young man.

Melody and Jack inset with film reels
My dad and I in recent years with the prized film reels.

The value of digital storage grew even more real a few years ago when my dad showed signs of confusion and couldn’t help me or my mother organize their photos.

I gave him an iPad to view the photos and films that we had digitized and uploaded to their FOREVER Permanent Storage account.

The stored memories took on more importance when he needed help and moved to a Skilled Nursing Home the first day of COVID lockdown.

We sent photos to the staff who decorated his walls with them because we weren’t able to visit my dad.


Dad enjoyed the printed photobooks during his stay in Skilled Nursing.




But he stayed connected with me and the grandkids through printed photobooks that are easy to create using FOREVER.





Dad passed away a year ago, so I’m grateful that my children and I can log on to FOREVER and watch him in those film reels that are now 70 years old and view not only photos when he was young but as he became the wonderful man he was.


Keeping Your Family’s Story Alive

Storing your memories on FOREVER is different than storing them on social media and or using other photo storage companies. You own your own account—you’re not renting it—and you pay for the amount of storage you need.

FOREVER guarantees that the technology used to store your photos will stay up to date so your grandchildren and their children will be able to learn about your lives and family history.

A large percentage of your storage purchase is deposited into the FOREVER guarantee fund so your files will always be migrated into the latest formats as they develop in the future.

Safeguarding your memories on FOREVER can be fun and rewarding for family members of all ages. It may seem overwhelming to have your traditional scrapbook albums, old home movies, printed photos, and more converted to digital files. But FOREVER makes it convenient.

We don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow, so I urge you to begin sorting through your memories and storing them. Spend a little time each week selecting your best, most meaningful memories and you’ll eventually make a lot of progress.


I’m Here to Help

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories


Contact me here through my website to learn about a system for organizing and storing your family photos, slide, videos, and more.

You can start with a free account to try it out. We offer free short 15-minutes sessions to learn about FOREVER and how to save, organize and share easily your memories with family and friends. Click here to view upcoming sessions/events.

I work with a wonderful team of people around the country so I can work with you online or connect you to someone who lives closer to you.

I hope you enjoy documenting your family story to get the most out of your most cherished memories.

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