Reap the Benefits of Organizing with a Photo Coach

Photo albums, vhs tape and CD in a stack
What pictures are stacked on your shelves and what media is ready to convert? Photo by Don Simkovich.

If you’re surrounded by photo albums or old VHS tapes, consider using a photo coach to update all those wonderful photos with their memories.

Your goal is to get them into permanent digital storage where they’re easily accessible for decades to come.

Look at the benefits:


You have a Listening Ear

Yes, you may be surrounded by family. But if they’re typically darting around like atoms bouncing off molecules then it’s going to be tough to get their help in organizing your photos and the important memories.

A coach like me listens, has empathy for your situation, and then gets you on the path to finding a solution.


You Gain a Photo Organizing System

An easy-to-use system helps clear years of memories scattered across various media that are no longer in use. Don’t fear the stack of photo albums or cluster of videos. A photo coach can get you started and walk you through the process.

Keep it simple—get it done!


You Clear Clutter

Want a clear path to reducing anxiety and seeing your way straight around your house? Putting your photo organizing system to use will do two strategic tasks: eliminate photos you don’t need any longer while converting old media files to new media. VHS tapes, photos, slides for conversion

Getting rid of the extraneous helps you breathe a little easier because the clutter is gone and the memories you want to keep are neatly organized and accessible.


You Stay Focused Taking New Pictures

Do you see the pun in the headline?

If you’re wading through a world of pictorial and media clutter, then you might hesitate to snap new pics on a walk or while visiting a special landmark in your community. If your photo bin is organized, then you can easily think ahead to what types of pictures you’ll want if you’re at your child’s sports event or a loved one’s wedding.

Heading on vacation? You can pre-plan a few key shots so that when you look back, you’ll get more enjoyment from what you and your family remember.

Once you’re organized, you’ll have more of a feel of what to capture and what to let go. You can feel more free taking pics.


Learn Melody’s Photo Journaling Method

An approach I use is journaling photos in a story-telling process instead of scrapbooking.  With this method you don’t have to make your photo album a work of art, but you can still have an attractive presentation.

I’m now in my 26th year as a photo coach and you can imagine how much technology has changed during that time. I’ve always kept my clients up-to-date with the changing world around them.

I first experienced the digital photo world in 2005 during a 10-day vacation in Hawaii. A client challenged me to leave my film camera at home and only take digital pics. I did. I took 700 photos—the rate of 70 pics a day. I had to dig myself out of photo overload.

Now, with that experience behind me, I’ve learned how to arrange my pics like a story and it saves me a bundle of time.


Here’s a Photo Storytelling Strategy You can Use

Think ahead.

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. If you could only take a few pics to highlight Mother’s Day 2021 and save as part of your family’s legacy, then what would those pictures be?

Do you have a vacation or staycation on the schedule?

What few pics can document your time together and be worth saving for your children and grandchildren?

You don’t have to capture the awesomeness of the place you’re visiting as much as you’re going to chronicle your specific experience. A reason why is that nearly every place on earth is already on the Internet and will be for years to come.

Anyone can look up a certain volcano, or a mountain range, so it’s your experience that makes a place unique.

Taking pictures is good for your psyche and emotional health. Best-selling author Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project book touts the benefits of taking more photos in a 2013 article for Good Housekeeping:

  • Happy families tend to take more pictures
  • Photos you’ve taken frame your thoughts toward positive experiences
  • Snapping photos ignites creativity.

That’s all true. But you want the pictures in their places, so the clutter doesn’t ultimately swamp you.

Safeguard the Memories

We want to keep the photos and videos that are most important so we want to safeguard those from clutter and preserve them despite changes in technology.

Create photo books—these are still a great way to turn your pictures into lasting gifts. Take several photos that fit a theme, place them in a photo book and give them as a “thank you” or “thinking of you” memento.

If you run your own business, then photo books can be used to court potential clients or thank customers for their orders. Create gifts using inspirational-type pictures that you’ve taken.

Convert and store–I can show you easy ways to convert your images and organize them online so that they’re easy to access.

Photos and videos are part of the legacy that you’re going to leave for future generations. It’s not the amount you take, but the unique ways the pictures represent you, your family, and your life.

Putting it all together is like insuring the memories that are the most valuable.


I’m Here to Help

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Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

Contact me if you’re trying to conquer a mountain of scattered memories. I’ll be glad to listen and share some ideas so you can get unstuck and can move forward.

I’d love it if you’d give a “Like” to my Safeguard Your Memories Facebook page.


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