Summer Photography Tips and Permanent Photo Storage Solutions

There’s more light in the day and the world takes on a different color scheme. Your routine may stay the same but capture those moments during the summer that you don’t have during the other months in the year. Then scroll down to learn how to safeguard and share your summer memories for generations to […]

Photo Tips for Taking Thanksgiving Family Pictures

Young Woman rolling sausage dough with girl

The time-honored tradition of Thanksgiving often brings mixed emotions. Look at all that Thanksgiving entails: Early U.S. history and lessons of survival An array of traditional American food—or not so American Questions on cooking the food Family blessings Family hurts Awkward conversations Lots of happy talk Wondering how to bring families together Early shopping for […]

Halloween Picture Taking and Photo Storage Tips

Trick or treating on Halloween night is more than just scary costumes. For many families, it’s a time to stroll around neighborhoods and even many churches have celebrations in their parking lots. Of course, it’s a time to pull out the smartphones or digital cameras and snap away. Since it’s getting dark early, get your […]

Tips for Taking and Storing Sports Photos

Baseball diamond at night

Sports are an important part of life in the U.S. Even if you’re the softest couch potato in your neighborhood, you likely have a friend or relative who plays in a rec league, for a school, or hoofs it to the stadium. It only makes sense that some of our fondest memories are focused on […]

How to Frame Your Photos and Store Them Digitally

Smart phone showing fireworks

This post is a tip to frame your photos and capture a natural look by making sure the subject is placed well. Composition will improve the pictures that you take. When you look into your camera, or your smart phone’s camera, here’s what you need to visualize.   The Photo Grid Visualize your lens has […]

Easy-to-Take Photo Ideas for a Memorable Summer with Family

Outdoor concert

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the official start of summer vacations—and isn’t it wonderful that 2021 is so different than what the prospects were last year at this time? What does that mean for your picture taking? You may have places where you’ve planned to visit and you’ll have plenty of unexpected moments to take […]

How to Plan Your Picture Taking and Preserve Your Photos

Boy, man, woman, girl holding hands

Now it’s time to organize the pictures you took on Mother’s Day, because more photo opportunities are coming your way. Memorial Day weekend will have fewer restrictions this year than it did in 2020 so get ready. Here’s how you can visualize the entire process: Planning Taking pictures Organizing your photos Storing the photos Let’s […]

Fun Photo Tips for a Memorable Mother’s Day

Woman holding child

Mom’s special day is a few days away so plan your photos ahead of time. If you’re the mom who’s reading this, then pass the link along to whoever else is going to be in charge. Don’t sweat the details, but have fun thinking through some candid shots. Start by thinking about your subject—what are […]

Reap the Benefits of Organizing with a Photo Coach

Photo albums, vhs tape and CD in a stack

If you’re surrounded by photo albums or old VHS tapes, consider using a photo coach to update all those wonderful photos with their memories. Your goal is to get them into permanent digital storage where they’re easily accessible for decades to come. Look at the benefits:   You have a Listening Ear Yes, you may […]

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