Fun Photo Tips for a Memorable Mother’s Day

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Mom’s special day is a few days away so plan your photos ahead of time. If you’re the mom who’s reading this, then pass the link along to whoever else is going to be in charge.

Don’t sweat the details, but have fun thinking through some candid shots.

Start by thinking about your subject—what are your mom’s favorite outfits and hobbies? What clues do they give you about who she is?

Here are basic, but helpful tips.


Go for Angles, Eyes and Smiles

Have her looking mostly off camera at an angle and not directly at the camera. Stand where her face is lit but that the sunlight’s not shining directly into the camera’s lens.

And make sure you catch her eyes and smile because that’s where the clues are about who someone is. Facial expressions can be more important than the clothes that someone is wearing.

Check my previous post for more ideas on taking family photos: Tips for Taking Family Photos that You’ll Love and Remember.


Silly, but Memorable Photos

Here, you could have her look directly into the camera and smile, wink, or put a finger by her mouth, wink, or make a silly face. You know, something that captures her sense of humor.

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Photo by Xenia Bogarova on Unsplash

One suggestion that comes to mind is having mom act surprised by the food or gifts—which could be quite fun, because if anyone knows that Mother’s Day is coming up,  then moms certainly do. A fake surprise, especially if being a little goofy fits with the family and her personality, could work out well.

If your mom or the rest of the family acts more quiet and serious then go with that. Don’t force silliness if it’s not her thing.

What other shots could be a bit silly, but memorable?


Symbolic Photos

Does mom hold the household together? Get her hugging a wall, a downspout, or the curtains—or, you name it.

Is she the strength behind everyone? Show her lifting a rock in the garden.


Go for the Candid Photos

Candid photos are the best so snap a few interactions as they occur. Take a few close and then move farther out. Shots don’t have to be technically perfect to get the results you want.

Catch her tying her shoes, giving hugs, reading a Mother’s Day card. Keep it simple.


Take a Few Posed Photos

Plan ahead and take a few posed shots before Mother’s Day. If mom has a sense of humor then take some shots of

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Photo by nappy from Pexels

the kids or spouse or partner doing a load of laundry, scrubbing a corner of the floor, or cleaning a pan. It’s proof that she has help around the house.


Toss Away Perfection

It’s nice to have photos that are properly lit with a final result that’s full of clarity. A portrait style photo can evoke tremendous emotion and appreciation for the subject. But don’t put any pressure on yourself or family members to get that one, wonderful shot—unless you have a professional photographer stopping by.


Can you Capture Truth?

Families are filled with fun and silly moments, but also times of hurt (pain) and tender moments. Mother’s Day, as we know, evokes a range of emotions. Take a picture of a reconciling or forgiving hug or kiss. Be truthful as you can. These could be the photos that you cherish for years to come and want to save and pass along to future generations because they show real life moments about our families.


Saving the Pictures

Once you’ve taken a range of pictures, choose the ones you’re going to save by knowing the story behind them.

Maybe there are just a few that

Young bride
Surprise mom with a pic of her special day back when …

have enough quality to really keep on hand. Go ahead and delete the others because other holidays and moments are coming up.

We take so many pictures but how will we store them and prioritize what we keep and what we toss?

Save those that convey personality and show a glimpse of your family’s story.

Store them digitally for future generations in albums that are clearly marked and easily accessible.







My Role as a Photo Coach

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the pictures we take on holidays and throughout the year.

I’m here to help you set up an easy-to-use system for years to come with the pictures you take. I can also show you how to convert older home video, slides and films.


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Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

I want to help you safeguard those memories that you’ve captured.


Contact me if you’re going through older photo albums and wondering how best to categorize your current pics.

I’ll share some tips, plus I’ll invite you to free webinars where you can get tips on photo organizing, conversion and storage to last a lifetime plus 100 years—guaranteed.

Extra Extra!

Here’s a link to a comprehensive guide to Mother’s Day via Good

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