Easy-to-Take Photo Ideas for a Memorable Summer with Family

City with trees in front
Cityscapes in summer are fun to capture

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the official start of summer vacations—and isn’t it wonderful that 2021 is so different than what the prospects were last year at this time?

What does that mean for your picture taking?

You may have places where you’ve planned to visit and you’ll have plenty of unexpected moments to take pictures.

Now take a moment to think through your summer photos so you’ll be ready for photo ops when they arrive.


Summer Colors

Around the U.S. and Canada, summer certainly has its own colors, especially blues and greens. That’s the case both in Pasadena, where I launched my photo coaching business, and in La Quinta, in the Palm Springs area where I just moved to this year.

Neither city has green hills but we have plenty of green trees that can contrast nicely with blue skies. And in La Quinta we have deep green fairways.

Use those colors as backdrops for your kids, parents or other special people in your life.


Summer Places

Choose places near you where the colors are vibrant or subdued in the shade:

  • Botanical gardens
  • State parks
  • National parks
  • Ball fields
  • Lawn chairs in your back yard

Here’s a unique way to add meaning to your photos, if you possibly can.

For children, take a few photos of them at a place like a picnic table—and maybe in a particular place like a state park.

If you’re organized, remember that shot and location in five years or ten years and take another photo.

Now, how about this?

Have you looked through your father or mother’s old photos? Do they have pics of when they were little? Can you take any of those scenes from when they were young and pose them in a similar spot?

Here’s an example: let’s say your dad played baseball in Little League or high school. Do you have a picture of when he was playing?

If he lives near the same area, then can you drive him to the area where the ballfield was and pose him in the same spot?

That could make a nice moment to pass along.


What if You’re not on Summer Vacation?

We harbor fantasies that summer is a relaxing time when we’re away from our responsibilities and always having fun. In reality, we know that isn’t true. We might get a weekend away or a couple of weeks.

Outdoor concert
Local concerts offer fond memories.

Kids could have summer school or maybe this summer is different because you’re moving to a new city due to a job transfer.

So what are we trying to share?


Your Goal with Photos

The pictures you take this summer and throughout the year are stories of you, your family and other parts of your life.

So if you’re not taking the grand and glorious vacation that you’ll post on Facebook then take pictures of a normal summertime moment.


It could be a walk in the evening twilight as the sky stays light a bit later. Maybe you’re patching a hole in the wall and you’re sweating away.

Moments that seem mundane are a big part of who we are, so don’t be afraid to take a candid shot or two.

Now, once you have the pics then what will you do with them?

Here’s a benefit of digital storage.


Storing Your Photos Digitally

When I began my career as a photo coach 26 years ago, our storage options meant organize the pictures in an album and store them in a safe part of the house.

But now, digital storage allows you to upload the pictures you take, label them accurately and give links to family members for safekeeping.

That makes it more likely than ever that you can take a photo in one location, share it with your kids, or your parents, and come back to that same location in the near future.

I’d be glad to show you how to organize the photos you take, store them for decades and convert old media files for digital storage where they’re guaranteed to last a lifetime—plus 100 years.

Roll out those stories, put them in order, and learn how to store them properly.

Getting started is easy.

Contact me so we can have a brief conversation. Share your needs and let’s see how I might be able to help.

Enjoy this summer of taking pictures in the life of you and your family.

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