Safeguarding More than Your Family Photos and Videos

I store my most meaningful photos and videos in the platform FOREVER®, but did you know that you can store other memories that enrich our lives?

Think about it.

Our family photos and videos are worth saving, storing, and preserving but those aren’t the only items that reveal who we are and show us what’s important.

Something else is important and hints at our traditions: food, especially during the holidays and celebrations like weddings and graduations.

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Family Recipes

Recipes that you enjoy are a part of a loved one’s legacy and reveal your heritage. Throughout Southern California, families from Mexico are known for making different flavors of tamales during Christmas like cheese, chicken, and with chilies.

A friend of mine who’s originally from the Pittsburgh area had nut roll every holiday. His grandmother made it, passed the recipe on to his mother, and now his wife makes it every year.

His wife also makes a breakfast dish simply known as Swedish eggs. None of the family is Swedish and their kids are adopted and different races. But she made this specific dish on Sunday mornings before church. The children are now in their 30s and a daughter-in-law is now making the same dish for her family.

What foods do you remember and what memories do they bring back?

Save those recipes in FOREVER®.

Why? Because it’s truly the most comprehensive place for bringing all of your photos, videos, and documents into one place.

FOREVER® is different than other services and quite different than social media because you own your account — it’s yours with one payment made at one time, or paid in affordable installments.

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I’d like to give you a tour of FOREVER® so scroll to the end to contact me. It’ll take about 20 minutes and I’ll show you how you store files in your Library and then organize them into Albums.

FOREVER® is permanent storage that’s guaranteed to last for a lifetime and into the next century and beyond.

I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and have been working with FOREVER® for several years so I know both the industry and the top leadership in the company quite well.

What More can You Store Permanently?

Before you take the tour, let’s see more of what you can save on FOREVER®:

  • Clothing — okay, I don’t mean the physical items themselves but clothing like wedding dresses and baptismal gowns are important. Runners often save T-shirts from their marathons and other road races. Your kids may have sports uniforms, too, that are fond memories.
  • School Yearbooks — these are treasure troves of memories. You can have your grandparents school yearbooks uploaded and digitized along with yours, those of your children, and your grandchildren when they arrive on the scene.
  • Documents — it’s worth preserving documents for legal purposes and for family memories, especially if you’re a family that’s blended from re-marriage or adoption.

Some documents may be bittersweet like notices of a loved one’s death during wartime and others show achievements like diplomas and certificates.

FOREVER® is helpful for storing documents that small business owners may need along with photos or blueprints showing methodologies and processes.

The FORERVER® platform is secure and you’re in control of the settings for your images, videos and other files. They can be private so you’re the only one who can see them. Or you can give access to your family and friends or open up files to the public. Below is an image of my travel memories, kept in my account.

Benefits of FOREVER®

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

Forever® is a safe, secure place to safeguard your most meaningful memories by:

Another benefit is that you own your account so your files are yours and won’t be used for data mining purposes like they are on free social media accounts or accounts with a low monthly fee.

Take a closer look and take a tour.

See How FOREVER® works

Which memories are most important to you?

Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

Take a virtual tour to see how you upload photos and why FOREVER® is guaranteed safe and permanent. Contact me via my website form or directly via email:

You can also try FOREVER® with 2 free GB of storage space.

Your family’s stories and memories are unique and they’re worth preserving for many generations to come.

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