Put Your Thanksgiving Photos in the Best Light and Preserve Them for Generations to Come

Make the most of your family’s memories this Thanksgiving and read on so you can store them permanently for generations to come.


Person holding smartphone, taking picture of people at a table
Photo by: Askar Abayev, Pexels


Follow these photo-taking tips from Expert Photography.com and then read on to see how I help my clients preserve their photos and videos for generations to come.





  1. Create variety

Create interest by staggering your ‘models’ throughout the frame. Some can be seated. Others can stand, but aim to have each individual at different heights.

Barn in Pennsylvania
A prized photo is one that strikes an emotional chord for a moment or longer. By Don Simkovich
  1. Use angles

Shoot food at an angle to add variety or get a fun birds-eye perspective.

  1. Photograph what’s natural

Autumnal wreaths and flower arrangements create appealing backgrounds and can also act as subjects.

Try natural window light for your indoor shots but beware of low light in the afternoon.


Choosing your subjects

How do you know how many photos you’ll need to take and who needs to be in the shots?

That’s good to know so you can enjoy your holiday visiting and not worry that you don’t have the right photos.

I show my photo coaching clients the tool that I use to easily take inventory and that’s FOREVER®, the most complete memory-keeping system on the market.

FOREVER® is your digital home with a space that you can own, and it’s guaranteed safe to last a lifetime plus well into the next century and beyond.

Scroll to the bottom of this post and contact me to tour FOREVER® and see it in action.


Take quick inventory of your holiday photos

You can upload photos from your smartphone or other electronic device and they go into your Library, a central storage area as you see in this screenshot of a partial Library section.

From there, you can organize them into Albums and use Tags to easily identify the files. In just a click or two, you can see how many photos you have of kids, parents, and grandparents.

FOREVER® makes it easy to know what new photos or videos you’ll really need. Another benefit is you can have collaborative albums where friends, family, or families with sports teams can share their memories.

Imagine that, planning ahead for your holiday photos and videos.


Thanksgiving photo-taking tips

Let’s segment your Thanksgiving photos so you can decide how you want to shoot them. Let’s start with food.

Recipes are a big part of our traditions. You can digitize handwritten recipes or those that are typed out and upload them to your FOREVER® account so they can be passed along from one generation to another.

Young Woman rolling sausage dough with girl
My daughter and her niece making sausage balls.


Food is central to our traditions. That may mean cooking at home but it could mean going out to a favorite restaurant, too.

If you’re cooking, show people getting together to create and make dishes as well as eating.

Family and friends are another part of our Thanksgiving time. Do you have more photos of some family members while needing more photos of others?

Do you have all the stories you’d really like to have from older relatives who hold keys to your family’s history? Interview them and ask them about their favorite memories and what stories they’d like to pass on to future generations.

Trees with bare branches can have a sentimental feel, especially if you have an older couple near it holding hands or children playing nearby.


See FOREVER®’s benefits

I’ve been a photo coach for almost 3 decades now and FOREVER® is the best memory preservation system I’ve seen. I use it personally with my family living in different parts of the country and I show my clients why it’s so powerful.

Woman and man taking selfie
Photo by antoni-shkraba, Pexels

Here’s what you can do:

You can start using FOREVER® with 2GB of free storage and you have the option to purchase permanent storage and own your FOREVER® digital space. This means you won’t have the Terms of Service suddenly changed on you and your information won’t be used for data mining or advertising.

Digitize older media files like Super 8 movies, printed photos, and fragile items like handwritten letters, slide shows, and more.

You can give the gift of digitization this holiday season and all year long.

Holiday box

Upload photos and videos from your phone, laptop, or other electronic device so your old files and newest ones are stored in one safe place, guaranteed permanently.

Store and organize your photos in easy-to-locate Albums and Nested Albums using Tags as identifiers.

Create collaborative albums to use with your faith community, sports teams, schools, and clubs.

Turn your digitized photos into photo books and other gifts like wall art and everyday items.



Research your family history with the help of FOREVER®’s professional researchers. They can help you lay out a plan to start researching your family and they can help locate tough-to-find records and other important facts.



Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories


In just 30 minutes, I’ll show you how to safely store your holiday memories and your most meaningful memories all year long.

Contact me using my website’s contact form or email me directly:



With FOREVER®, you’re not just collecting photos and videos.

You’re leaving your legacy for future generations into the next century and beyond.





To read more about photography tips, log on to:

Expert Photography.com/Thanksgiving Photography Tips



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