Choosing the Best Digital Storage Option to Preserve Your Photos and Peace of Mind

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Placing all your photos in one digital album is an efficient way to store your photos online, in the cloud.

Let’s look at the benefits of storing your photos in the cloud—but also the risks. My photo coaching career started 26 years ago, so you can imagine how I’ve adapted while technology has changed.

Cloud storage isn’t automatically so let’s dig into best practices and how you can have complete peace of mind when you store your photos in one, digital photo album.

This is how you truly safeguard your memories.


Benefits of Photo Organizing

Family photos are an important part of our lives, but when they’re scattered in envelopes and boxes in attics then we don’t know what we have and what we’re missing.

When I started as a photo coach, 26 years ago, I had been working in the banking industry. So I knew systems, and I developed a system of journaling, not scrapbooking, to help my clients understand that their photos weren’t just one dimensional items.

My system included asking the basic questions that journalists use: Who, What, Where, Why, When—and How.

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Melody Whitehead, top, with client.

I had my clients make notes so the photos made sense and they could confidently toss away photos that weren’t important.

That same principle applies in our digital world, and it’s even easier to do. Upload photos from your phone, tablet, or laptop and into your digital home.

Safe, right?

Before I show you that not all cloud systems are the same, let’s take a peek at the ways you can still use printed photos.


Benefits of Printed Photos

Your family photos make wonderful decorations in your home. Playful photos of kids playing sports can be placed in colorful frames while more formal pictures can take on a completely different look.

I help clients convert old media files like home movies, VHS tapes, slide shows and more. Once those are converted, then you can also turn those into prints to keep.

We still like hard copies to hold in our hands. Books aren’t going anyway. And that’s the same with printed photos. Turn them into gifts like photo books that you can give as presents during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more.


Benefits of Cloud Storage

It’s easy to upload to the cloud. You know this if you use any of the social media sites.

If your phone gets lost or something happens to your printed pictures, then you still have photos in digital space.

You can access them and share them freely. But there are also risks to popular cloud storage sites, especially social media. They don’t offer a solution that completely safeguards your family photos.

It’s important for you to understand so you can make the best choices possible.


Risks of Cloud Storage

Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos are household names and they’re free for storing your photos, right?

Not quite. Your photos and comments related to them can reveal your interests. This is data and the Big Tech companies will sell that data for advertising purposes.

Can you blame them? They need to generate revenue. It just appears that you’re using a free service.

The Big Tech companies have Terms of Service which put you at a disadvantage. You’re renting your digital space and they can change the terms without notifying you. They could also go out of business and you’re left with—what?

So that’s why I researched numerous solutions.

Wouldn’t you rather own your photo album instead of rent?


Your Peace of Mind with a Solution You Own

You can have a digital space that you own for a lifetime, plus 100 years. You can easily share albums with family and friends or keep them totally private.

The site isn’t free, but portions of your ownership is rolled into on-going research and development so the technology will adapt and provide continual support for decades to come.

It’s a strategic decision so you have peace of mind and you know that your photos are truly safe and preserved.


I’m Here to Help

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Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

I’ll gladly answer questions you may have. Let me know what your current needs are:

  • how many photo albums do you have on hand
  • how many images on your phone
  • what needs do you have for converting older files?

Contact me and let’s set up a time to talk.



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