Learn how to do more with your family photos during a free event

Childhood photo collage
Our memories show passage of time and how families are made; photos from Melody Whitehead

What a great time to tell your family’s history through the photos and documents you collect.

It’s now possible to organize them in digital albums that you own and can pass on to descendants you’ll never meet.

Learn more for free this coming Saturday, Feb. 26 during an event hosted by FOREVER, a company I’ve grown to admire and use widely in my photo coaching. Read on to see what’ll be covered.

Why family history?

Families are central to our identities, struggles and successes. Collecting family photos, organizing, and storing them for future generations makes sense because family is at the core of our lives.

Log on to this virtual event and see how much you can do with your family photos, history, and stories. Pull together pictures, videos, slide shows, and documents to tell your family story for generations to come.

FOREVER is a company that digitizes old media files and provides online spaces that users own. Your digital albums are guaranteed safe and usable for a lifetime plus 100 years.

Treat your family’s story as a history that deserves sharing from the past into today and into the future.


Old Photos, Media Files, and Documents

Who are those people you see in old photos? If you know who they are, do your children or grandchildren know them?

Photo albums, vhs tape and CD in a stack
What pictures are stacked on your shelves and what media is ready to convert? Photo by Don Simkovich.

Share their struggles and accomplishments. Which one was the first in the family to make it to college and get a degree? What was their experience in the military or did they give the ultimate sacrifice during battle?

Stories can help us appreciate who we are and what we enjoy having. Educational sessions will show you how to have your photos, videos, slide shows and important documents converted to digital.


Your Digital Albums

Why use online when you can use external hard drives, thumb drives, and other equipment?

FOREVER is unique in the digital photo storage industry. The name of the company speaks to the mission. You own your album for a lifetime, plus 100 years and it’s guaranteed to remain safe and stay up to date with technology.

Family Photo in FOREVER
The FOREVER digital album makes storing photos convenient and safe

How can a company make that guarantee? A portion of the fee you pay for ownership is used for on-going research and development. FOREVER also has impressive contingency plans in the event of a emergencies and catastrophes.

As an owner, you won’t get locked out of your account or have the Terms of Service changed where you lose all your memories.

This Saturday, you’ll learn how to protect your cherished assets and have peace of mind in doing so.


Your Family’s Genealogy

Get tips on researching family history and how FOREVER’s professional researchers can help if you get stuck locating a relative who was born in another country or struggled getting through Ellis Island.


Put Your Photos into Action

From your digital album, it’s easy and convenient to create photo books to give as gifts and thank-you mementos. Photos are powerful.


My Weekly Events

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Contact me if you have questions on organizing your photos, storing them, or if you’re interested in becoming a photo coach. I’ll be glad to share from my knowledge and experiences.



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