Why Our Family Histories are Valuable Treasures to Research and Safeguard for Future Generations

You stumble across a black-and-white family photo of a great-grandmother baking bread during the Great Depression or a grandfather shipping off to war. Our family histories are worth researching and storing in a safe place for those born in future centuries.

This Independence holiday week, here’s a brief glimpse of a family who laid the foundations for the freedoms we enjoy.

Imagine traveling back more than 200 hundred years to Massachusetts where a woman, Abigail Adams, and her children were working the family’s farm while her husband was risking his life in Philadelphia. She was the wife of the second president of the United States.

They captured their lives through letters–and those have become memories that have been preserved.

Abigail Adams

After winter turned to spring in 1777, Abigail Adams faced numerous hardships managing the family farm while John Adams was working with decision-makers facing their own struggles in Philadelphia.

“’A dollar was not what a quarter had been, Abigail reported. ’Our money will soon be as useless as blank paper.’ Bread, salt, sugar, meat and molasses, cotton and wool, had become dear beyond measure. Farm help, help of any sort, was impossible to find. Yet she managed—scrimped, saved, wove her own wool, made the family’s clothes—determined not only to stay free of debt but to make improvements. She would do her part in her way, as a patriotic duty but also because it was expected of her in his absence.’

Screenshot of John Adams home, Braintree MA
John and Abigail Adams home screenshot from New England Historical Society

“’What will become of you, I know not,’” John [in Philadelphia] wrote in anguish. ’How you will be able to live is past my comprehension.’”

On top of these hardships, Abigail had been pregnant in 1776. She and John had been hoping for a daughter and Abigail went into labor while he was away. The baby was a girl, but she was stillborn and Abigail had little time to grieve the loss due to caring for her family and the spread of war.

Her life and John’s were one of personal hardship, yet they had a purpose. She wrote something quite profound:

“’Posterity who are to reap the blessings will scarcely be able to conceive the hardships and sufferings of their ancestors.’”

The above is excerpted from the book John Adams by David McCullough, pages 169 and 171.


Preserve Your Family History

Look back in your family’s history and see what hardships your parents, grandparents or distant cousins had to overcome whether loss of family, the rebirth of a failed business, or the challenge of a cross-country move.

You’ll learn a part of your own identity and can even find life lessons to inspire you.

And when you capture that history, you’re saving something important to inform, inspire, and entertain future generations and centuries.

Elderly man, young woman in middle, elderly woman
Melody’s youngest daughter with Melody’s father, left, and mother, right, in 2019

Storing in One, Safe Place

But how do you preserve and safeguard your most meaningful memories so they last into the next century and beyond?

I use FOREVER®, the most complete memory-keeping system available which is where I keep this photo of my father, mother, and youngest daughter.

FOREVER® is guaranteed storage for your memories from decades ago so you can store them in the same place as the memories you’ll be keeping in the decades to come.

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You can also save documents like you see in this screenshot of Letters from World War Two that are preserved in a FOREVER® album.

Screenshot of letters stored in digital album
On the FOREVER blog One Letter at a Time.

I’ve been a photo coach for nearly 30 years and FOREVER® is the best solution I’ve found.

Would you like to see the benefits in action?

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If you’re already conducting a family research project or you plan to start, FOREVER® is the perfect platform to use.

You can digitize old media files like photos, VHS videos, slide shows, home movies, plus letters and other documents that are converted into pdfs.

Store them alongside photos, videos, and other documents you plan to upload from your phone or other electronic devices.

What makes FOREVER® different?

1 Permanent storage that you can own, unlike social media or low-cost monthly sites.

2 FOREVER®’s business model is built for longevity. It’s guaranteed during one’s lifetime and into the next century and beyond.

3 You can own your account.

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I’ve been working with the leadership team at FOREVER® for several years and I’ve seen how it’s useful for genealogists.

FOREVER® provides professional researchers who can consult with you about getting started in researching your family history or conduct research into hard-to-find records so you can complete your stories.

Repurpose your digital files as photo books and other gifts.


Enjoy a Tour

In just 20 minutes, I’ll show you how all the great benefits of using FOREVER® and why it’s been such a help for my clients across the U.S.

Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

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Your family’s memories from the past, combined with the ones you’ll gather in the future, are worth preserving for future centuries.

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Your family’s memories and story are unique to you.

Safeguard the memories that will comfort loved ones and inspire future generations.


Learn more about John and Abigail Adams via the New England Historical Society.

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