Benefits of Using Professional Genealogists to Help You Research Your Family History

Plenty of free resources are available to help you research your family’s history but using professional genealogists to develop your family’s story has specific benefits as I’ve found out.

Going back in time, combing through records, and discovering the stories of people in your old printed photos or in your slide shows is an adventure and you’re not always sure what, or who, you might uncover.

Photo book on display
Melody’s traditional scrapbook with digitized photos used in a printed photo book from FOREVER

As a photo coach, family research is one of the core services I offer and I find it’s a natural fit with digitizing older media files and storing them safely and permanently.

If you get stuck researching your family

Maybe you’ve covered the basic steps in journaling your family history like jotting down where your parents were born and how they met.

Did your grandparents or great-grandparents immigrate to the U.S. or Canada? What were their challenges or highlights?

What would you like to know about them that you don’t know?

Going back further in your family’s history than your great-grandparents could be difficult if you don’t have time to look up records, newspaper clippings, and anecdotes.

This is where professional genealogists can help. They can uncover stories that are part of your story and the legacy that you’ll pass on to future generations.

They can also consult with you if you don’t know where to begin and you need a basic roadmap.

Get the help you need

Why use FOREVER®?

It makes sense to use it for your family research.

It’s the most complete memory-keeping system of its kind and its designed to last for a user’s lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.

And you can bring everything into one place and the researchers keep you updated.

Chart of family research
FOREVER researchers charting progress

FOREVER® is a cloud-based system where you can store photos, videos and other files from the past with your photos, videos, and other documents from the future.

Got family letters?

Newspaper clippings?

Citations from the internet?

Even video interviews.

  1. Digitize your old files
  2. Store them permanently and guaranteed safe.

They can easily be arranged in digital albums in FOREVER®. From there, you can turn them into photo books and other meaningful gifts.

Plus, as a FOREVER® user, you own your storage account. Contact me below and I’ll share why ownership is important.

What I’m digitizing and storing

I’ve been working with FOREVER®’s professional genealogists to trace my family line back to the Civil War era and I’ve uncovered all types of stories of ancestors who were in the trades like blacksmiths and others who were farmers.

A friend and colleague of mine, Rori Grosse, worked with FOREVER®’s professional researchers and has traced her family line back to the late 1500s in Germany. The researchers helped get past language barriers and secured older hard-to-find records.

Family Book in Germany
Screenshot of the family book that researchers used

They were tracking the history of Rori’s great-great-grandfather who had moved from Chicago to southern Illinois. But they ran into a roadblock. He was originally from Germany and all of his naturalization records were in Chicago, but the documents had been destroyed in the great Chicago fire of 1871.

His death record had a number on it, but not the names of his parents. In Germany, there are family books and the researchers had his mother-in-law’s and father-in-law’s names and they used that information to locate her great-great-grandfather’s lineage.

Scroll to the end of this post and read more of her story.

How can I Help?

My great passion is guiding you through a system to digitize your old photos and other files so that they’re passed on to future generations. Don’t let them get lost or damaged.

Woman looking at photo album

Contact me here or click Book a Session on any of my web pages.

I’ll show you how to sort through your memories that are scattered, bring them into one place, and use them to research your family, turn them into photo books, and just have them safe so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Your family story and how you came to be you is unique and is your legacy to pass along.

Click here for Rori Grosse’s story:

How to Research and Store Your Family’s History for Future Generations

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