Declutter Your Camera Roll and Get Ready to Store Your Holliday Memories

Let’s talk about getting in shape for the holidays by decluttering your smartphone of all the photos and videos you don’t need.

We roll through the year taking photo after photo and taking videos of important moments. But we get so overwhelmed with all the files that it’s tough to know what you’ve taken and you wonder if you’re missing kids, parents, or other important people and locations.

As a photo coach, I help people get out from under the digital overwhelm and organize their most meaningful memories.

Here’s how.

Woman touching smart phone
There’s a smart, safe way to delete your photos; Pic by Cottonbro, Pexels

Start with your oldest photos

 Pick a year or a month if you take tons of photos, and then start deleting a week or a month at a time. It’s easier to work in segments like months or years. You’ll come across photos you no longer find valuable or photos you didn’t even remember taking.

Pro Tip: Don’t save your screenshots from your phone or laptop. They accumulate quickly, and take up space, and most of them can easily be found with an internet search. If they’re really important then read on to see how to store them safely.

Delete these and then you’ll have left the most important photos.




Here’s the next step

You’re going to upload to the safest digital storage place I’ve found, FOREVER®.

I use it personally and with my clients. It’s the most complete memory-keeping system that I’ve found in my almost 30-plus years as a photo coach and it’s guaranteed safe for all your memories for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.

You’re welcome to take a virtual tour with me and I’ll show you why FOREVER® is so effective. Scroll to the end of this post to contact me.

Now skim the following benefits to learn more.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

FOREVER® Benefit 1: Safe and secure

In my almost 3 decades of photo coaching, I’ve never found a platform that’s true permanent storage, guaranteed. FOREVER® is designed to last into the centuries, not just the next few decades. I’ll gladly share more about that and the other benefits during our Tour.


FOREVER® Benefit 2: Easy inventory

It’s easy to know what photos, videos, and other files you have. In your FOREVER® account, all of your files are uploaded to your Library, a central storage location.

You organize those files into Albums like Holidays or Thanksgiving and you can create Nested Albums within those like Holidays Kids or Thanksgiving 2015.

Use Tags like Mom or Springfield to easily find the files associated with family names or hometowns.

Black and white photo of children going to church Easter Sunday 1964
Me, Melody, with my siblings before church on Easter Sunday, 1964

Now that the holidays for 2023 are on their way, you can skim through your Albums to see what memorable photos and videos you have for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

This makes it easy to decide which of your kids should be in more photos or maybe you have plenty and you don’t need to take many new ones for this year.




FOREVER Benefit 3: Owning your account

You can have 2 Free GB of storage space to experience FOREVER® and you have the option to own your account. This means you’re in control. The Terms of Service won’t suddenly change and you won’t be locked out.

You have additional peace of mind because your information will never be used for advertising or data mining purposes.


FOREVER Benefit 4: Digitizing old files

Digitize your oldest files so they’re stored safely and permanently.

What are the oldest files you’ve collected? Super 8 home movies? Slide shows? Print photos from the 1920s or earlier? You can have them safely digitized and uploaded to your FOREVER® album so they’re in the same digital account as the photos and videos you’ll take in the years to come.


FOREVER® Benefit 5: Special Albums for Friends

Create an album for Friends and share those special photos of them. Your Albums can be set with a Share Link in your FOREVER® storage. They can download the photos if they’d like and if you’re done with them you can delete that album.


FOREVER Benefit 6: Versatility

FOREVER® is the best digital storage solution yet you can easily print photo books and other gifts from your Albums. Make a lasting impression for the holidays and all year long.

Are you into genealogy and researching family history? In your FOREVER® album you can write brief or long descriptions of photos, home movies, and store newspaper clippings and other documents.

FOREVER Storage chart for Melody

If you dig into your family history then you can have a brief consultation with FOREVER® researchers to get started or have them find records if you get stuck.


FOREVER Benefit 7: Meaningful gifts all year long

We know how important family photos are. Use the power of digital storage to safeguard your most meaningful memories and easily turn digital prints into photo books for gifts during Christmas, Hannukah, or as thinking-of-you gifts throughout the year.


Tour FOREVER® with Me

Take a virtual tour of FOREVER® and I’ll show you the platform in action.

Give me just 30 minutes and I’ll show you how to store multiple lifetimes of memories.

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories



Contact me via my web contact form or email me:

Remember you can have 2 Free GB of storage space to see how you can upload photos, store them in your Library, and organize them into Albums.

 You’re invited to my online events to see how you can use FOREVER® to write your family story and get the most from FOREVER®.

Check my Events page for dates and times.




Before you go …

If you’re interested in becoming a photo coach, let me know and I’ll share how I’ve used FOREVER® to scale my business nationwide while developing an income that’s given me lots of professional and personal satisfaction.

You’re unique so let’s Safeguard Your Memories®.


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