Do More with the Family Photos and Videos You Preserve

Man, girl, woman at table with turkey
Trying to carve a turkey is a memory; photo Cottonbro, Pexels


Family photos pulled from photo albums, old bureau drawers, and boxes in closets are more than one-dimensional images. Photos ignite memories and emotions. They also serve as puzzle pieces that reveal a family’s lineage and help future generations learn about relatives they never knew.

How do you get the most from your family photos and older media like videos, slide shows and old home movies?

I’ve highlighted some ways below.


Organize what you need

I got started as a photo coach almost 27 years ago. Those were the days when creating artistic scrapbooks was popular. I came out of the banking industry and my eye for organizing was better than my interest in artistry and crafts.

That served me well because I taught my clients how to tell a story. Use the 5 “Ws” and “How” just like journalists do.

  • Woman's hands arranging photos on a page.Who: is in the picture?
  • What: is happening?
  • When: was the picture taken?
  • Where: did it occur?
  • Why: is it important?
  • How: did it happen or come about?

Remember when the number of pictures we took at one time was limited to the amount of film in a camera? Even if families used 36 exposures per roll it wasn’t as easy to get flooded with pictures as it is now.

Imagine how many pictures you can now snap in 10 seconds using your smartphone. My expertise will help you sort through and organize your images. You’ll learn what to choose and preserve online and what to delete.

Edit for best results

Most photos we take can be edited so everyone in them looks their best. A friend and colleague, Kathy Jones, edits photos for families in addition to providing many other valuable services that are described on her website.

Got a photo but someone’s closing their eyes? No problem. See the Before and After in this image below of Kathy and her late husband on a train ride with another couple. Her eyes go from closed to looking just fine.

2 couples on a train
Photo editing is one of Kathy’s specialties

What about someone spoiling the background? You’re covered. Kathy can remove distracting elements. Click here to see Before and After photos of Kathy’s editing work.

Retouching and editing the most meaningful photos are an excellent way to preserve them for decades to come.


Convert old media and upload images

I show clients how to gather older media files like old home movies, slide shows, VHS tapes and convert them into digital files. They can upload them into digital albums that they own. The pictures are guaranteed safe for a lifetime plus 100 years.

Albums can be shared with friends and family, the general public, or kept private.

Send photo books to lift up others

Man talking to woman at laptop
The process kept Bert engaged; photo by Kathy Storie


Another colleague of mine, Kathy Storie, helped her 86-year-old father organize his family pictures. When they were uploaded, she and her dad put them into photo books that were printed and given to his adult children. He also gave a copy to his brother who was so touched that he wept.

The memories contained in our photos don’t go out of style and they’re among the most meaningful gifts you can give.






I’m happy to help

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

If you’re wading through old photos or media, or looking at your phone filled with current pictures, I’ll be glad to help you organize and preserve those memories.

Join me online—go to my Events page to learn about organizing photos, writing your story, digitizing media files and preserving your family history.

Contact me to chat and learn more about photo organizing plus storing digitally in an online album that’s guaranteed safe for a lifetime, plus 100 years.



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