Help for Researching Family History and Genealogy

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If you’re wondering how to connect the pieces of your family’s lineage and genealogy, then here are sites to visit and begin your journey. If you need professional help, then that’s available as well.

But what do you do with your findings and how do you safely store them?

As a photo coach, I’ve found solutions for my clients to meet a variety of needs like researching family history and genealogy. Why?

Because how many times have you, or someone you know, come across pictures from years ago and you didn’t know who someone was or who the people were in the picture? Knowing their identities could help you tell a big part of your family’s story.

Or maybe you have children you’ve adopted and you’re trying to show the beginnings of your family so they feel bonded and a key part of your family story. Families aren’t just random collections of individuals, but they are lineages of men, women, and children with unique needs and circumstances.


How to Get Started Researching Family History for Free is a strategic place to begin. Click Availability of Census Records for Individuals to read more on how census records can be used in genealogy.

The National Archives has links to many different types of records including Census, Military, Immigration and Naturalization. Look for many introductory videos on YouTube like “Immigrant Records: More than just Ship Passenger Arrival Lists.”

Family is through the Latter Day Saints church in Utah and offers various community services. Forum posts are available to share findings and ask questions.


How Professional Researchers can Help

If you want to get started properly or you need help finding records in other countries, then a professional researcher can help uncover stories in your family’s history. I have colleagues like Margarite Buitrago who found the research services helpful in trying to piece together records in Colombia, where churches have personal records.

Old family portrait from Colombia
A portrait of Mr. Buitrago and his family in Colombia in decades past.

Her late mother immigrated to California so researching family history has also connected her with cousins.

Another friend, Kathy Storie, helped her father organizing his pictures and now she’s working with her mother who has family history through Germany. Professional researchers can help overcome language barriers.






Storing Your Information Guaranteed, Safe

When you collect records and assemble the information then you have an excellent start to telling your family story. But what do you do with the information and how do you keep it safe and accessible?

An option is having online storage that you own and is guaranteed to serve you for a lifetime, plus 100 years.

Create albums for specific people like “Dad” or places like “mountains” or “vacations.” Set the privacy so it can be shared with family and friends or the general public.

You’re able to store audio, video, and documents like pdfs, as well as images. Small business owners can use the albums for professional as well as personal use.

Screen shot of FOREVER akbumThe online album becomes your place to store family history and copies of important documents.

You can also store old media files like home movies and slide shows after you convert them to digital.


I’m Here to Help

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories


Your family history is unique and safeguarding it as part of your memories means you’ll give future generations a glimpse back in time. You’ll help them appreciate who they are by learning more of who you and your relatives were.

Contact me and I’ll be glad to talk with you.

Learn all that you can do with your family’s photos.

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