Here’s a gift-giving idea that’s valuable, perfect all year long, and lasts for generations—even centuries

Sharing your most memorable photos and videos is perfect any time of the year.

And if you do it with the right platform, it’s also a gift idea that lets you scale joy among your family and friends!

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say you have a prized photo album in your family … the traditional scrapbook album. It can only be enjoyed in one place at a time.

But if you use FOREVER® then your photos, videos, handwritten letters and many other files when you share them can be enjoyed by friends and family wherever they have an internet connection.

What’s FOREVER® and why should you use it?

Read on to see why and then scroll to the end of this post to contact me and take a free, virtual tour of FOREVER® with me to see it in action.

FOREVER® — All-in-one memory keeping system

Bring all your oldest and newest files into one place that’s safe and secure. Guaranteed. Just like I did with my travel photos.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

This past August 2023, streets and buildings in Palm Springs got flooded due to heavy rains from Hurricane Hilary that blew north from Mexico.

It’s a sight you rarely see, yet it happened.

We can store our files safely and carefully, but they’re subject to natural disasters and unexpected events like robberies. A friend of mine who’s also a client, Kelly, just shared her story of how her laptop got stolen from her kitchen table while she was only out of the house for about 15 minutes.

Scroll down to link to her story.

I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and FOREVER® is the most complete memory-keeping system available. Here’s how you can easily tell your family’s story:

  • Kids in front of Christmas tree 1962 with area to right for writing descriptions
    Melody and siblings, 1962
  • Digitize printed photos and old media files like Super 8 home movies, slide shows, and old handwritten letters. This photo of mine from the early ’60s is safely stored in my FOREVER® album. And it’s stored in the same place as Christmas photos of my grandchildren.
  • Upload new photos and videos from your phone or other electronic device
  • Store your old and new files in one secure place, guaranteed
  • Organize them into Albums and Nested Albums
  • Turn your digital files into printed photo books and other gifts
  • Research your family’s history with FOREVER®’s professional genealogists
  • Collaborate with groups to upload photos and videos to collaborative albums
  • Own your account and have peace of mind knowing that your content won’t be used for data mining or advertising

Give the Gift of Digitizing Old Files

Digitize those older media files so you can enjoy the mini-video cassettes, VHS tapes, slide shows and older printed photos.

Woman looking at electronics rack
Photo by FOREVER of the digitization facility

FOREVER® makes it possible to conveniently digitize all your old photos, videos, and more at their state-of-the-art facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Once the files are digitized, then they can be permanently stored in your account.

Give the Gift of Storage for Photos, Videos and Your Most Fragile Files

You have the option to try FOREVER® for free with 2 GB of storage. Or you can own your account and select the amount of storage that works best for your needs.

Purchase storage as a gift for your parents, adult children, grandchildren or friends.

Storing your most meaningful memories with FOREVER® is completely different than using any other company, whether it’s a service you subscribe to monthly or use for free.

FOREVER®’s permanent storage is designed to last for generations and centuries. Guaranteed.

Can you trust it?

FOREVER® has the highest rating with Trust Pilot of any company in the industry.

Give the gift of photos all year long

Turn the digital files in your FOREVER® account into photo books to give as presents for any occasion and as “thinking of you” mementos. There are plenty of other gift giving ideas, too.

FOREVER®’s Family Research

Want to research your family’s line and write your story? You can give the gift of family research using professional researchers with FOREVER® for a consultation or have them collect records on a more extended project. Ask me about the new guided genealogy coaching plans.

A colleague of mine, Rori Grosse, had her line traced back to Germany in the 1600s with the help of FOREVER® and discovered ancestors who were politicians, farmers, and artisans. I’ll be sharing more in January about how she uses FOREVER®.

There’s plenty of space in FOREVER®’s design to write brief notes about each file or go into detail.

Tour FOREVER® with Me

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

Here are 3 easy ways to see FOREVER®’s benefits.

  1. Give me 30 minutes on a virtual tour and I’ll show you how FOREVER® helps you preserve multiple lifetimes of family stories.

Schedule a time via my website’s contact page or email me directly:

  1. See my Events page to see the many ways you can use FOREVER®, like writing your family’s story and using collaborative albums to share with church groups and sports teams.
  2. Try FOREVER® with 2 Free GB of storage space.

Your family’s memories are unique and deserve to be told and preserved during your lifetime and during the lifetimes of family members several generations from now.

Have a wonderful Christmas season.

Click the title below to meet my friend, Kelly, and how she uses FOREVER® for personal and business use to safeguard her most meaningful files:

The Best Way to Safeguard and Store Photos, Videos, and Other Memories.

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