How Digitizing Old Photos, Videos, and More Brightens the Lives of Loved Ones

Do you ever wonder how you’ll preserve older printed photos, VHS tapes, slide shows, and other media files?

Read on and learn how digitizing videos from 50 years ago brightened the life of a grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s.

What does it mean to digitize older media files and how do you do it safely?

I’ve been a photo coach for three decades and my focus has always been helping clients preserve, or safeguard, their most meaningful memories.

Digitizing means “converting analog information into a digital format … Information is digitized through a process called encoding, which converts analog signals into a digital format.”

Thanks to TechTarget for the definition. You’ll find the link below if you want to wade deeper into the topic.

Ways to digitize

Want to capture your printed photos and store them digitally? You can use:

  1. Your smartphone – make sure the lighting is just right and capture those printed pics as digital files.
  2. A personal scanner – you can use a stand-alone scanner or a 3-in-1 multi-function machine.
  3. Let someone else do it for you.

Digitize using my services through FOREVER®. This is by far the safest and most convenient way to turn your older media files into files you can store digitally.

What is FOREVER®?

I show families how to use an all-in-one memory-keeping system that lets you digitize and store all your older files in the same place as your newest photos and videos.

FOREVER®’s brand sets it apart from every competitor in the industry. How?

Let’s start with digitizing.

I’ll show you how to package your files into a FOREVER® box that’s sent to their state-of-the-art facility outside Green Bay, Wisconsin. Your files stay within the U.S. and the team provides outstanding customer care.

FOREVER offers the only cloud-based storage that is guaranteed for your lifetime +100 years. Once digitized, you can transfer your files to your permanent storage in your FOREVER Account directly from your FOREVER Box Tracker.

In your FOREVER® account, you can organize your files in Albums and Nested Albums. The Albums can be named for favorite vacation places, your hometown, holidays, milestones and other topics that reflect your lifestyle and the legacy you’ll be leaving.

What’s the difference between digitizing with FOREVER® and other companies?

FOREVER®’s business model is designed to last for many generations and even centuries. They’re in the business of permanent storage.

You own your FOREVER® account so that your precious content isn’t used for data mining and other marketing-advertising activities. You own your digital rights and your files are in full-resolution, no compression. They are private and secure, triple-backed up, and can be accessed on any device at any time.

It’s yours and you can leave it for grandchildren and their grandchildren.

If you’re researching your family’s history, you’re going to have old clippings and documents. Digitize those and upload them into your account so they’re kept securely.

5 benefits of digitizing with FOREVER®

Getting those wonderful printed photos, newspaper clippings, handwritten letters, and other files into a digital format with FOREVER® means Peace of Mind because:

  • Your files are safe.

They won’t get damaged due to computer crashes, fire, flood, broken pipes, or other catastrophes. Did you know that thumb drives and external hard drives are temporary storage and they’re designed to only last for a few years to a decade at most? Technology isn’t a permanent storage solution.

Book an appointment with me and I’ll share more about how FOREVER® backs up their promise.

  • Your files are easy to share.

Allow family and friends who have an internet connection can enjoy the albums of your choice.

Woman with measuring tape and stack of photo albums
  • Your files are easily turned into photo books and other gifts for giving all year long. Imagine how much space you’ll save.

Printed photo books are still popular, and for good reason. It’s nice to sit and leaf through the memories. Create specific photo books and other gifts for special occasions and for specific members of the family.

  • Your files stay the same size.

FOREVER® never compresses your images.

And here’s a 6th great benefit. Digitizing makes sharing uplifting memories easy.

2 younger women with elderly woman
Brandi’s used her FOREVER account to brighten her grandmother’s life

A friend and photo coaching colleague, Brandi Koehm, was visiting her 92-year-old grandmother who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s. She used her phone to click on the FOREVER® app and show her grandmother a movie of her six kids from 40 years ago.

“It was awesome because she’s battling Alzheimer’s,” says Brandi, “and gave her a window to this life that she actually does remember.”

Brandi has digitized 40 VHS family movies and 5 family movie reels, plus photo albums.

Read more of how Brandi has used FOREVER® in a post with her story which is linked below.

I’m Here to Help

My passion is helping families safeguard their memories and leave a family legacy.

Woman looking at photo album

How can I help you?

On my homepage, click Book a Session and schedule a time when we can visit.

I’ll show you how you can try FOREVER®for free with 2 GB of storage space.

I’m grateful for a career spanning a few decades helping families safeguard something that’s unique to them—their story told through many lifetimes of memories. I look forward to helping you.

Read Brandi’s story:

The Benefits of Storing Family Photos and Videos Safely and Permanently.”

Need to satisfy your techie curiosity?

Click here for the article about digitization on Tech Target.

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