How to Make a Part-time or Full-Time Income Preserving Family Photos, Videos, and More

Curious about a home business that’s right for you? Photo coaching is an opportunity where you can make a part-time or full-time income by preserving a family’s photos, videos, and other memories.

I know from personal experience how photo coaching can be a profitable business and career. I launched my business as a young mother just about 30 years ago and I’m still going strong as a grandmother.

Young parents with children
Melody and family, 1995

I’m looking for entrepreneurs who would like for me to mentor in this little-known niche business opportunity.

Technology has changed during the past few decades and it will change again, but this business will be lucrative for many years to come.

Let’s see why.

Why Photo Coaches are Needed

The situation

Check your phone and laptop to see how many photos and videos you have stored. How many files do you store on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos?

Now check on how many collections you have of printed photos, VHS video tapes, and hard copy documents and memories like handwritten letters.

Do you see potential problems with this situation?

Let me highlight some:

  1. We’re overwhelmed with our own media.

We can take from hundreds to thousands of photos and videos per month by just going about our daily lives.

Go on a hike and snap pictures of beautiful scenery. Go shopping and take photos of products to compare prices and brands.

During vacations and holidays, you can imagine how many images we capture.

I show my clients how to save and store their most meaningful memories. And they can delete what they don’t need with confidence.

  • We’re caught between storing printed photos and digital files.

How many photo albums do you have around your home? How many do your parents or grandparents have?

Woman looking at photo album

As a photo coach, one of the solutions I provide is giving my clients one place to store memories from the past, the present, and the future. I’ll show you how to do this, too.

  • The way we store files is risky.

Social media sites aren’t secure places to store photos and videos. Neither are most cloud-storage sites. You may have experienced some of the reasons why.

Ever get locked out of your account or have you known someone who was in “Facebook jail?”

Free sites have to earn money so they use your content for data mining and advertising purposes.

Families need secure and safe permanent storage.

A customer of mine had someone break into her kitchen and steal her laptop and flash drives. Her photos were gone. I link to her story at the end of this post.

  • Companies aren’t designed to provide true, permanent storage. Business models change and so do technologies.

I offer my customers digitization services and storage that they can actually own.

The main solutions I offer my clients are:

Digitization of old files.

Permanent storage that’s guaranteed safe.


The foundation of my business is built using FOREVER®–the most complete all-in-one memory-keeping system.

FOREVER®’s business model is designed to store photos for a user’s lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond. As technologies change, older files are migrated to newer formats so that they’ll always be accessible.

FOREVER® also lets me provide a suite of services for my clients:

Photo books—I show families how to turn their digital files into high-quality photo books and gifts like wall art, calendars, and more.

Family research—photos and findings in researching our families go together.

Collaborative albums for church groups, sports teams, and other organizations.

Let’s arrange a time for you to see FOREVER®’s many benefits.

How I can help you start your photo coaching business?

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

I’m looking to mentor entrepreneurs who want to create a part-time or full-time income stream. I’ll show you how I’ve made a career of preserving, or safeguarding, my clients’ most meaningful memories in photos, videos, and other media.

Learn from my knowledge and my experience about what works.

Click “Book a Session” on my Home page and let’s schedule a time to visit so I can learn about your interests and you can see if you’d like to know more about photo coaching as a business opportunity.

Get to know FOREVER®

Try FOREVER® hands-on with 2 free GB of storage space.

Visit my Events page to see how I connect with clients.

If you enjoy helping families keep their memories safe, then photo coaching could be a business you can start and find success.

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A friend of mine and client, Kelly Quezada, shares her story on thieves breaking into her home and taking her laptop and flash drive with her stored photos.

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