How to Store Your Photos Digitally and Still Use Printed Photo Books

Storing your photos digitally is the best way to make them last. And I’ll tell you about a platform I use that’s the only permanent storage solution that I’ve found.

But first, let’s acknowledge a truth: holding printed photos is fun. You’ll notice I refer to a few different friends of mine who are also photo coaches. Scroll to the end of this post to access links to their stories.


Woman holding baby looking at photo book
Madelyn Brownell made an ABC photobook for her grandson for his 3rd birthday.

The Fun of Holding a Photo Book

Picking up a traditional scrapbook filled with photos of your childhood, your parents’ vacations, and your children’s milestones is a fun way to travel down memory lane. Touching the pages as you look at the pictures involves us in a way that viewing the photos digitally can never do.

But those photos are at risk of being damaged or lost since there’s only one copy of your album.

This is the advantage of storing your photos and other memories digitally.

Guess what?

You can have the best of both mediums. The digital age doesn’t mean that print is dead.

Let’s see how you can use them to get the most satisfaction possible from your family photos, videos, and even those old 8mm home movies.

Here’s how I do it.

I use the platform FOREVER® for permanent storage, guaranteed. I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and I believe FOREVER® is the best storage solution available.

FOREVER® lets me organize all of my memories into one safe, secure place where I own the digital rights.

I’ll gladly show you what it’s like with a brief guided tour.


Our Need for Memories

Photos, videos, slide shows, and home movies link us to past generations.

And that’s good for us because “our treasured memories can be truly beneficial for our welling,” says behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings. She says scrolling photos on our phones has positive emotions while “Our mantelpieces, windowsills, shelves, and sideboards where many of us display our treasured photos in frames have been shown to be one of the most peaceful places in our home.”

Melody and Jack inset with film reels
My dad and I in recent years with the prized film reels.

Bring Your Memories into One Place

Gather all your most meaningful memories into one place using FOREVER®. Yes, you can store photos online, plus older VHS tapes and also slide shows and 8mm home movies, just like I did with my dad, pictured here.

Even documents like older handwritten letters that your parents or grandparents may have written decades ago.

Here’s how:

Digitize them using FOREVER®’s convenient service.

Store them in a FOREVER® account in a section called your Library.

From there, you’ll create Albums and nested albums to organize your files.

That’s the beauty of digital storage.

How long will they last?

Family Photo Collage
My parents’ family photos organized in their FOREVER account



FOREVER® storage is guaranteed to last for a lifetime, plus another century and longer. That means you can upload family memories from World War Two and have them available when people are observing the 200th anniversary of an event like the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Can you see how we’ve gone from print and analog to digital?

The home movies my father took decades ago are now safely stored for my grandchildren and their grandchildren to watch.

Now that your files are safely stored, let’s go back to print.





From Digital to Printed Photo Books

The advantage of digital technology is you can leverage it in many ways.

You can go into your FOREVER® albums and create printed photo books as gifts that will last for years. Use the photo books as thank-you gifts, surprise your children on their birthdays, or create one for your spouse on your anniversary.

These are versatile.

One of my colleagues, Kathy Storie, helped her father who was in his late 80s organize his photos and he put them into a photo book to share with his brother and other children.

Another friend and colleague, Kathy Jones, helps her clients put together family history books like she did for her son when he contracted a terminal illness.

Enjoy the safety and security of digital storage with the enjoyment of touching the pages of photo books.

Organizing digitally and printing photo books is also helpful during times of personal crisis.

Another photo coach, Amy Vanden Berg, lost her father unexpectedly. She and her siblings only needed a few hours as they made printed photo books of his life, choosing from several hundred photos in their FOREVER® account.

Photo book with man on cover
Amy’s photo book of her father was easily created from photos stored on FOREVER

Enjoy a Tour of FOREVER®

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today

I’m passionate about families preserving their stories and memories for future generations. In about 20 minutes I’ll give you an eye-opening tour of the FOREVER® platform and how I digitize and store my files.

Contact me to set a time using my online form or email me directly:

You can try FOREVER®, for free. Click here and get 2 free GB  to upload some favorite memories.






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