Gift Giving to Strengthen Family Ties and Memories

Black and white photo of children at Christmas, 1962

Now that we’re in the holiday gift-giving season for 2023, here is how to give memorable gifts that strengthen your family ties and honor precious memories. Here’s what my Christmas holidays looked like when I was little. For my grandkids, wrapping paper is glossier and the lights twinkle differently but the spirit of wonder remains. […]

How to Store Your Photos Digitally and Still Use Printed Photo Books

Storing your photos digitally is the best way to make them last. And I’ll tell you about a platform I use that’s the only permanent storage solution that I’ve found. But first, let’s acknowledge a truth: holding printed photos is fun. You’ll notice I refer to a few different friends of mine who are also […]

Giving the Gift of Photo Books All Year Long

Young girl giving present to older woman

Gift-giving happens all year long and for many different reasons like birthdays and anniversaries. Giving a meaningful gift can also happen just because you want to brighten someone’s day. Custom photo books  are perfect for gifts throughout the coming year—from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day and just as a way to express […]

Capture Family Stories During the Holidays

Extended family at dinner

Christmas, Hannukah, and other holidays are filled with—family stories. The stories we hear and the ones we tell are part of a family’s legacy. And they go hand in hand with the photos and videos we take. Unfortunately, written memories and visual ones have usually been separated. Until now. Read below to see how you […]

Turn Your Photos into Christmas Gifts that Last and Get Used All Year

Radio stations, usually pop stations, are already changing their playlist and airing their annual Christmas music. Yep, it’s that time of the year once again. And with the season comes the topic that weighs on our minds: who do we buy gifts for and what do we give them? Perfume, soaps, and power tools are […]

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