Gift Giving to Strengthen Family Ties and Memories

Now that we’re in the holiday gift-giving season for 2023, here is how to give memorable gifts that strengthen your family ties and honor precious memories.

Here’s what my Christmas holidays looked like when I was little.

For my grandkids, wrapping paper is glossier and the lights twinkle differently but the spirit of wonder remains.

Here’s what’s really great.

My childhood memories like the photo above and the childhood memories of my children and grandchildren are kept in one place that’s guaranteed safe, FOREVER®.

And my great-great-grandkids will be able to compare my Christmas photos with their own.

But FOREVER® isn’t just a secure place to keep all of your most meaningful memories. It’s a great way to give gifts that last and honor your family’s values and traditions.

Let’s see why.

Scroll to the end of this post and contact me to take a virtual tour of FOREVER®.

Give me just 30 minutes and I’ll show you how to store many lifetimes of memories.


Family in front of Christmas tree 1998
Our family, Christmas 1998

What is FOREVER®?

This is the most complete memory-keeping system on the market and it’s highly trusted by users and photo coaches like me.

You have a central storage area called your Library and you can organize in Albums and use Tags to easily find specific people, places, and more.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Digitized memories like photos from years past like my grandfather played high school football and my dad on a pony when he was a boy.
  2. Stored my older digitized files in the same place as the photos and videos I’ll take this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.


They’re safely stored in a digital account that I own. Guaranteed safe.

Young woman hugging older woman
Melody’s mother and youngest daughter



All of the memories I choose to keep like photos, slide shows, and my dad’s 8mm home movies and key documents are stored for a lifetime plus well into the next century and beyond.

See the photo just above and the little girl in the middle in 1998?

This is her in 2021 hugging my mother.

These are among the many photos that I have safely stored in my FOREVER® account.





Now, gift-giving

For Hanukah, Christmas, and throughout the year you can use FOREVER® to give gifts that will last for a lifetime and tie your past with your family’s future.

Old photos, videos, slide shows, and more show us what life was like for our grandparents and great-grandparents.

In your FOREVER® account, you can write brief or lengthy descriptions to journal the memory so future users will read it and understand its importance.

Give the gift of digitizing older files

It’s so easy to digitize older files. Simply order a box to pack your files and send them to the company’s state-of-the-art digitization facility outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The customer care is outstanding and even your most delicate files are safe.

Woman in bridal dress and veil
Screenshot of Nancy’s mother’s wedding in 1953, now safe in FOREVER(r)

A colleague of mine, Nancy Launi, mentioned this in a recent post when she had FOREVER® digitize a Super 8 movie clip of her parents walking into the church where they married in 1953. Read Nancy’s story here:

Here’s Your Photo and Video Storage Solution for Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Here’s how you digitize:

Click here to see the FOREVER Digitization Box Holiday Edition. It’s a wonderful way to digitize the memories you’ve collected like printed photos, slide shows, VHS tapes, handwritten letters, and more.

The box measures 13″ x 13″ x 2.5″ and is easy and convenient to use.

Digitized files are uploaded to your FOREVER® account so they’re safe and easy access for generations to come.



Give the gift of digital storage

Storing your memories in FOREVER® is like storing your most valuable treasures in a personal safe or vault that you can own.

FOREVER® users have the option of owning their digital space versus having monthly payments or thinking they’re getting a free option with other companies. Remember, nothing is free.

The benefits of using FOREVER® mean your files are never used for data mining or advertising of any kind. Terms of Service won’t be changed to suddenly lock you out of your account and the company is committed to migrating older files to newer technologies.

FOREVER® is guaranteed safe for a lifetime, plus storage into the next century and beyond.

I’ll gladly share more of the ownership benefits during our tour and browse this chart for easy reference.


 Give the gift of printed photo books

Your digitized items can be printed in attractive photo books so they can be given throughout the year. These are great for anyone, but especially so for our most senior citizens like my father who thrived on the photobooks during the COVID lockdown.

Man leafing through photo book
Photo books boosted my Dad’s spirits during COVID shutdowns.

Give the gift of personalized everyday items

Think of what what you can give as gifts: decorative wall art, calendars, coasters, and other popular items can capture the fun, funniest, or your most meaningful moments.


Give the gift of researching your family history

You have unique stories that no other family has or will ever have. Researching your family’s history will capture those stories.

Upload digitized newspaper clippings, old photos, home movies and more into your FOREVER® account where you can journal on the subject matter so future users will know the importance of what they’re seeing.

Your family is richly blessed by the commitment you are making to preserve your family history and leave a legacy for future generations.


Tour FOREVER® with Me

In just 30 minutes, you’ll see how to preserve your memories and store future photos, videos, and more in the same place.

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

Get in touch using my web contact form or use my email:

Try FOREVER® with 2 Free GB of storage. You’ll see how to upload files and organize files in albums.


Rely on me as your resource for all things FOREVER®.

Visit my Events page to explore the best ways to use FOREVER®.


I’ve been a photo coach for nearly 30 years FOREVER® is the best tool I’ve ever used for preserving your family’s legacy and connecting your family’s past with your family’s future.



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