Turn Your Photos into Christmas Gifts that Last and Get Used All Year

Radio stations, usually pop stations, are already changing their playlist and airing their annual Christmas music. Yep, it’s that time of the year once again.

And with the season comes the topic that weighs on our minds: who do we buy gifts for and what do we give them?

Perfume, soaps, and power tools are typical go-to items along with the latest toys and not to mention … gift cards. Lots of gift cards.

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Good Housekeeping magazine recently listed the 35 most popular Christmas gifts for 2022. The top ones were:

  • Footwear, specifically Cloud Slides
  • Jewelry, specifically 14K gold hoop earrings
  • Blank book, A fill-in-the-blank blank book
  • Technology, specifically a Mini-pocket projector



Why not give your photos as gifts?

I know a reason why you don’t … how do you easily frame them in different sizes and display them in your house?

I’ve been a photo coach for nearly 30 years and I show my clients how to upload their photos to the platform FOREVER®.

By using this one platform they can easily share photos from years past or this past year. And the photos can be turned into photo books and other types of Christmas gifts that will be used all year long.

Read on to see how it’s done.

The Platform

FOREVER® is a complete memory-keeping system where you own your digital space, and you don’t rent. So it’s different from social media sites and sites that charge a monthly subscription fee. Here’s a chart to skim and see how FOREVER® compares to other services.

There are many benefits to ownership like your content isn’t subject to data mining to be used for advertising purposes. I’ll be glad to share more benefits with you personally, but for this blog post I want you to understand about:

Woman wearing glasses standing in front of printed photo on wall
Michelle Collinge is a colleague who finds creative ways to use photos in decorating and as gifts

The storage is permanent, and it’s guaranteed to last beyond your lifetime into the next 100 years and beyond.

Digitization of your older memories like 8mm home movies, slide shows, VHS tapes, and printed photos is done in Green Bay, Wisconsin so your files stay in the U.S. and they’re uploaded to your FOREVER® account.

I have friends, and colleagues who are also photo coaches, who’ve had some of their most cherished memories like wedding tapes digitized through FOREVER®’s services.

FOREVER® also has an app so you can upload photos and videos from your phone.

Your Library is the main place where all your files are stored.

Create Albums based on logical associations like Vacations or Family History. Make sub-albums that are nested inside the main album. Like Family Vacations 1996 or Grandpa and Grandma Smith in your history album.

Family Photo Collage
It’s easy to share photos openly or privately and create keepsaakes

When your photos are digital, FOREVER® makes it easy and efficient to create printed photo books and turn the photos into gifts to have around the house. Wall décor and calendars are two possibilities but there are so many more gift ideas to check out.

Memories are meant to last

I don’t want your photos and other memories to get lost, stolen, or damaged. I’m passionate that they deserve to last so I want you to choose the safest and most effective storage system I’ve ever seen.

I’ve known friends and colleagues who have had their computers fail and they lost years’ worth of memories.

FOREVER® is a peace of mind solution because you clear up clutter, and since they’re digital you also don’t have to worry about your stack of photos in your closet or basement getting ruined.

My family used to live in a high-danger fire zone in Pasadena, northeast of Los Angeles, and I made sure I always knew where our photos were located in case we had to evacuate. They were high on the list of items to be whisked away to safety.

Now, all my memories are stored in FOREVER® and I don’t have to worry about accidents or having them get lost.

Another benefit is it’s easy to share photos from the storage location. Each album has its own privacy settings. You can choose who gets to see them like family and friends, or the general public, or keep it completely private.

Others can also send photos and videos to you for safekeeping, even if they don’t have a FOREVER® account. It’s perfect for family and friends who live in other parts of the country or globe.

This holiday season, put your pics to work. Leverage one or more photos in different ways and they’ll become gifts that will last for years to come.

I’m Here to Help


Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

Contact me and let me know how I can help you—whether organizing photos or safeguarding them for your children’s grandchildren … and their grandchildren.

Try FOREVER® and see how easy it is to use with 2 free GB of storage space.

You’ll be able to experience uploading and creating albums.

See all that you can do with FOREVER®. Visit the Events page on my website and find a session that matches your interest and need.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season.





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