Launch a Photo Coaching Business to Help Families Safeguard Their Memories

Photo coaching is a tremendous business opportunity where you can help families bring all of their most meaningful memories into one safe, secure digital place. And I do mean all of their memories.

I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and we’re living in a time when so many families have so many different types of media files that they don’t know how to organize older printed photos, VHS tapes, and photos and videos on their smartphones and other devices.

External drive and two photo albums
External drives have limits; photo by Don Simkovich

How many families do you know who have the following in their home:

  • Traditional scrapbook albums
  • VHS tapes
  • Flash drives
  • External hard drives





Now, how many of you have or know someone who has:

  • 8mm home movies
  • Slide shows
  • Handwritten letters

These are older media files from 10 years ago to more than 60 or 70 years ago—or earlier.

Now let’s look forward.

How many of you know someone who has:

More than 1,000 photos and, or videos on their smartphones, laptops, or other electronic devices?

Here’s how it adds up:

Older files + all the new memories = overwhelming.

Taking photo of graduation on smartphone
Photo by Photo by Pavel Danilyuk: Pexels

The solution

Bring everything into one safe, secure place.

Imagine being able to upload all the photos and videos you’ll take this year and store them alongside memories from World War Two or earlier?

I do that personally and I show my clients how to do the same thing. I leverage a platform that I use for my business, Safeguard Your Memories, and the same platform is available for your use.

It’s FOREVER®, a company that guarantees permanent storage of your memories for a lifetime, plus 100 years and even longer.

I’ll give you a brief virtual tour to show you how it all works. Scroll down to contact me. You can learn more about it by signing up here for 2 free GB of storage space.


The benefits

Permanent storage space is one of the most popular features. And it’s guaranteed.

In my FOREVER® Library, I have this photo of my grandfather’s family from 1935:

Black and white family portrait from 1935
My grandfather , 1st row, right, with his siblings and parents.

Now I’m a grandmother and my grandchildren can see photos of me and my husband, plus the photos of my grandparents.

When they grow up and have children, then their children will be able to look back on the many generations.

I’d love to show you more on the brief tour.

Having a place to permanently store all of your photos is one of the greatest benefits of FORERVER®.

Here are more benefits

I’ll gladly show you how all of these benefits work together.

You can use FOREVER® for your personal needs, like I do, and make use of it as a business.


Who makes a good photo coach?

If you care about helping families organize and preserve their photos and other files then consider becoming a photo coach. It’s a needed service now and will be for many years to come.

What’s your life stage?

Young mothers who want to develop a part-time or full-time income while raising a family could use this as a business to build and bring the generations together.

That’s how I got started. I left the banking industry to stay home when my children were toddlers, yet I wanted an income for both professional satisfaction and help pay the bills and save for the future.

Mid-career professionals can become photo coaches as a steady side hustle.

Professionals like estate planners, independent insurance agents, photographers and others can add FOREVER® to their service portfolio since our family memories are assets needing protection.

Retirees can build FOREVER® as a way to have cash flow for the short-term and long-term.


Take a brief tour of FOREVER®

Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

In about 20 minutes, I’ll show you the key components of FOREVER®, how it’s built for permanent storage, and my experience in using it to build my business.

Contact me using my website’s form or email me directly:

Plus, sign up for 2 free GB of storage so you can experience how to create and upload photos to your own Library and Albums.



I’m passionate that families preserve their stories for now and for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

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