Let’s Organize Your Vacation Photos BEFORE You Take Your Trip

Okay, you’ve got a vacation coming up. It’s so easy to snap hundreds and thousands of pictures.

How do you keep your files organized without getting overwhelmed?

Digital albums do the trick.

I’ll show you how to create them using FOREVER®. This is a screen shot from my friend and photo coaching colleague Karen Goldberg. Scroll to the end to read her post on vacation photos.

Photo of Album trip to Paris and Athens
Karen chronicled her trip to Paris and can quickly find her memories.

You’ll have a place to upload your most meaningful photos and videos and you’ll know where to find the moments to remember.

But first, get your best vacation shots.

Tips for taking vacation photos

Tip 1 Remember to photograph people. If you’re at a place like Bryce Canyon National Park, don’t hesitate to take selfies or get the kids in the picture. Get your scenery shots, but internet users can always look up landmarks. They can’t easily find you.

Tip 2 Don’t compete for Likes on social media. Take the shots that are most meaningful for you and your family.

Tip 3 Let sunlight hit your subject but don’t photograph directly into the light or have the light directly behind you. That will darken the face.

Tip 4 Think of your camera screen in thirds and position your subject to the right, left, top, or bottom third to make a more interesting composition.

Now, let’s get organized.

The tool I use: FOREVER®

Are you going someplace completely new or are you going back to your old stomping grounds or be with extended family for a few days?

I’m a photo coach and I pre-plan where I’m going to store my shots.

What is FOREVER®? It’s the most complete memory-keeping system available and it’s easy to create digital albums so you stay organized.

Here’s a Before and After of a trip I took in 2023 from San Francisco to my home in La Quinta, in the Palm Springs area.


Before the trip happened, I set up a main album and a set of nested albums. You can see how I labeled them.

Screenshot of digital album not filled in
Melody’s blank digital album–Before


As the trip unfolded, I uploaded files to the albums where the files belonged. After the trip was over, most of my memory-taking and organizing was already complete.

Photo album screenshot
Melody’s digital photo album filled in

Using FOREVER® is easy

Step 1 – Click here to set up an account. You can use 2 free GB of storage space to try it. You’ll have a place called your Library and a separate tab for Albums.

Step 2– Create your Main Album for your vacation. This is your Parent Album.

Step 3–Create your Nested Albums under Main Parent Album.

Step 4– Upload photos directly into the designated album you created before the end of each day.

NOTE: You can even create nested albums under a nested album.

A nested album may have two nested albums under it because during that day you went to a museum or sightseeing and the other nested album can be photos at the beach.

There is no right or wrong way to organize. YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT!! You’ll thank yourself and your family will thank you.

This is important because you know how easy it is to snap away taking dozens of photos and videos of the same subject. You don’t need to keep all of them, so …

Step 5—Delete, delete, delete the similar photos and the obvious duds. Hold on to the keepers—the shots that tug at your heart. These are the ones worth saving for future generations.

Share your vacation pics

Once you have your main album created, you can share it with family and friends and even toggle to make it a collaborative album. This means they can then upload their favorite photos into your albums and share them easily with each other.

You’re now ready to save your most meaningful memories each vacation day.

Digitize and store your oldest print photos and more

FOREVER® lets you store your most meaningful memories from the past with the ones you’ll take in the in the future.

You can:

FOREVER box for digitizing
FOREVER box for digitizing
  1. Digitize your oldest printed photos, VHS tapes, audio cassettes and more using FOREVER®’s state-of-the-art facility just outside Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s as simple as packing a box and shipping it off.
  2. Store your photos and videos for future generations. FOREVER® guarantees your files will last for a lifetime, plus a century and beyond thanks to the FOREVER® Guarantee Fund.
  3. Create printed photo books and gifts from your digital files. Turn your vacation photos into themed photo books and other gifts.
  4. Use FOREVER® to research your family’s history and discover how, or if, your ancestors took vacations.

I’ll be glad to help

Your vacations and other memories are worth preserving for future generations.

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

Contact me to help you digitize and store memories from years ago and the memories you’ll collect in the future.

Want to read up on photo-taking tips?

The ones above come from Hilton Grand Vacations’ article 9 Expert Tips for Taking Better Vacation Photos.


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