Researching family history is traveling into an earlier era

The fun of researching your family is enjoying another era and finding answers to the question:

What was life back then?

Think about how we live our lives and what’s important to us. These are the moments we photograph and videotape.



How were vacations similar, but different to the ones we take today?

The first RV debuted in New York in 1910 the Pierce-Arrow Touring Landau was the first RV to make its debut at the Madison Square Garden auto show.

It was comparable to a modern Class B van camper. This original RV featured a back seat that could fold down into a bed, as well as a sink that could be folded down to create more space.

In 2006, my husband, Gerald, and I rode Vespa scooters on our vacation in Italy. Will they look ancient and odd when someone looks into my photo album in 2106 … or 2206?


Man and woman on Vespa scooters
Italy 2006; Gerald and I on our Vespas

School Years

How about schools? How have they changed?

A friend of mine has a father who was born in 1933 and attended school in a one-room schoolhouse through 6th grade—into the mid-1940s.

Just 30 years later, in the early 1970s, my friend was attending a cutting-edge elementary school at the time that was an experiment in open classrooms in a climate-controlled environment.

Change happens quickly.

Scroll down to the end for a link to one-room schoolhouses still standing.


How About…?



Houses of worship.

Towns and cities losing landmarks we knew, while building what will become landmarks of the future.

Small town in summer
A main street in a typical complete with U.S. flags; photo by Author Mshake

These memories affect us differently. Who we are today and what we have is shaped by family members of the past and how they lived.

Family research brings printed photos and other older media to life.

How well do you know the stories of your grandparents, aunts, and uncles?

Digging back far does make it tough to uncover relevant information.

In your efforts to piece stories together have you run into roadblocks and, if you have, should you plow forward?

Only you can answer but genealogy and researching family history is a wonderful hobby because every family has unique stories to share and safeguard as memories for future generations.

Family Research Resources

I’ve been a photo coach for 27 years and this is a great time to research your family line. There are new and unique tools available for you.

A good place to start is the National Archives, a government site showing you how to get started in genealogy research with links to many free resources.

Use to check immigration records and other important data.

You come up against obstacles in your journey so there are times to use professional researchers like I’ve done.

I recommend and personally use FOREVER®, a complete memory-keeping system letting you:

digitize older media files

upload and store images and videos from your phone or other devices

conduct family research using highly qualified professionals

There are so many more benefits.


Guaranteed Safe and Permanent Storage

FOREVER® is a wonderful one-stop service. The platform connects your interest in genealogy with your files and all the related media in your family research. Storage is guaranteed safe and permanent. Here’s a screenshot of research using FOREVER®.

Screenshot of family research
Compiling my family’s history with research help

Let me share about a friend and colleague of mine, Margarita Buitrago. Her late mother was from Colombia and she’s used FOREVER®’s researchers to dig back into older records stored in churches—like birth, marriage, and death certificates.

“Taking pictures was rare when my parents were growing up in Colombia because film was expensive.,” she says. Accessing records became important to learn important milestones in the family’s history.

“In Colombia, the churches hold a lot of records such as for weddings and baptisms. Someone has to go to the church and get the archives.”

Read more in this blog post: How Storing Photos Online Connected a Family Across Continents.

Old family photo with men in suits and ties, women in nice dresses
Margarita’s mother’s family

How to Bring Your Research and Photos Together

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

Creating albums using FOREVER® is easy since it’s similar to creating folders on your laptop.

You can make an album titled Family Tree and then nest sub-albums inside like Parents, Grandparents and more. Upload screenshots of the important information you find online and upload specific documents like birth records, high school diplomas, and marriage certificates.

It’s easy to do? Why not try it out?

Get your free log-in account with 2 GB of space.

.Then contact me and I’ll be glad to talk with you through the process.

I’m Here to Help

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories


My clients and colleagues have become friends. Let’s chat about safeguarding your memories so they’re preserved for many generations to come.

Check my Events page which has dates and times where we gather virtually and show each other how to write stories with our photos and more.

And if you’re a history buff, RV enthusiast, or both then here’s:



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