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Young family
Me, my husband Gerald, and our children–the mid-90s was just yesterday


My story of how I’ve built Safeguard Your Memories® began like most businesses do—trying to solve a problem or dilemma. I faced a reality that many young families encounter like raising kids and balancing household needs.

In 1992, two months after my daughter was born, I became a stay-at-home mom. After two years, we needed a second income and I needed an outlet. My husband was working full-time and we wanted to give our five-year old and our two-year-old children focused attention during their toddler and preschool years. I didn’t want to return to the corporate world so here’s what I was thinking:

What business can I build, one that’s right for me?

Becoming a Photo Coach

I knew about products with home parties, like toys and makeup but that just wasn’t me. Eliminating certain types of businesses opened me up to what I eventually found—a friend’s photo album.

I saw it and realized how I wanted to help families organize their photos, highlight their favorite ones, tell their stories and archive them. Process was important to me and I didn’t want people to think I was selling products to them. So instead of aligning myself with a company as a consultant, I began using the title photo coach.

I coach you through a system that you’re comfortable with to help you organize and preserve your memories.

Photos and Family History

My first year as a photo coach benefitted the families I helped, and the work also led to some wonderful finds in my own family’s history and story. I used my photo journaling system with my mother, Dorothy, who uncovered this picture of her father’s family—a formal portrait from 1935 with his six siblings and parents, my great-grandparents, Dominic and Mary.

Black and white family portrait from 1935
My grandfather, Mike, 1st row, right, with his siblings and parents.

Their story is told simply but meaningfully—how they were married in 1901 in the Church of St. Nicholas in Coassolo, Italy. My great-grandfather immigrated to the U.S. and arrived at Ellis Island n 1902. His wife joined him a year later.

My mother created a well-organized traditional scrapbook photo album of her dad’s life, my grandfather.

My Work as a Photo Coach

I started teaching educational home classes where families paid a fee, brought several photos, and I showed them how to display the pictures and tell the stories behind them. They completed their first photo album page and learned how to organize and journal.

Little girl 1910
My grandmother, Albine Castagno,4 yeards old in 1910.

In 1996, I started meeting with my grandmother every Wednesday. She would share photos with me, tell the stories and together we showcased the photos and memorabilia she had and journaled the memorable stories in a traditional scrapbook album. We ended up with two complete volumes of my grandmother’s history.

My business was expanding as I helped families get out from under stacks of pictures thrown haphazardly in envelopes and boxes. They learned how to enjoy their pictures and found peace of mind after completing the process.

But guess what?

In our digital age, it’s easy to snap dozens of photos at an event and we’ve created a different kind of clutter. That’s why I’ve expanded my business through the services of FOREVER, a company that provides permanent digital storage so families can get the most from their photos, slide shows, videos and more.

What You’ll Read this Month

Throughout March (2022), I’ll share my career as a photo coach and how I’ve used the latest technologies while keeping the timeless principles of storytelling.

So come on back each Wednesday or Thursday to see how I grew and developed (no pun intended) from film and hard copy photos into helping families overwhelmed with digital images and videos. My solution enables them to digitize old media like printed photos, slides, videos, and film reels so they can be safely stored digitally.

What about you?

If you’re a younger mother looking for a business opportunity, would you consider becoming a photo coach? Maybe you know someone who is. There’s a need in the marketplace going unfulfilled:

Billions of photos are taken every year. In 2018, up to 82 percent of U.S. adults ages 18 to 54 took selfies, according to Statista, not to mention wedding photos, sports, and more. How will they be organized and stored?

There’s a growing interest in family history and with the tools I use through FOREVER, I’ll show you how to add genealogy and historical searches to what you can offer.

If you see that being a photo coach is a good fit for you, then I’ll gladly mentor you based on my 27 years of experience. I’ll give you ideas on building your business, whether you want extra income to cover family expenses or if you want to build a sustainable income.

I’m Here to Help

Photo coaching is my passion and I’m here to help at any stage of your life.

Melody Whitehead
Safeguard Your Memories has been a wonderful career choice


Contact me and I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Check my Events page and join me and my friends in events throughout the month virtually online like writing your family story and more.



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