Tips on Organizing and Permanently Storing Your Summer 2022 Photos and Videos

Now that summer 2022 is fading, start preparing to organize your photos and safeguard them permanently.


A private, secure digital storage solution that you own and where you can gather your most meaningful memories in one place.


Organizing Your Recent Photos and Videos

You may have a backlog of photos and videos going back years that you need to organize. But let’s make it easy and get started with your files from the last few months.

Ask key questions.

I’ve been a photo coach for nearly 30 years, and I teach my clients to create little stories by asking questions like a journalist:

Why is this important?

Now “why” normally isn’t the first question a journalist asks, but it’s important for you to ask when you have a backlog of photos and videos. You’ll see that you likely have photos that look similar and the occasion might not be important after all. You’re free to delete them and clear up some digital clutter.

Scrollilng images on a smartphone
Photo by Mike Jones, Pexels

But another question to ask is, “Who will see this 40 or 50 years from now—or 90 to 100 years from now with FOREVER® –and will it be important to them?”

If you’re a new visitor to my website and blog, you may wonder why I’m posing this question. Be patient. Read on and you’ll find out why.

Now, let’s look at the next questions.

  • Who’s in the picture?
  • What are they doing?
  • Where was it taken?
  • When was it taken?
  • How did it occur? (this could add to the intrigue if it’s a chance meeting of some kind)

Don’t agonize over the answers.

In the digital solution that I’m going to tell you about, you’ll see that you’ll be able to type in brief notes of a few words or write in more detail if you’d like. You can even “talk to text” your story and it’ll be attached to your photo or video.

Ask those questions, especially if you need to delete a large number of photos.

You can organize a little at a time, but here’s what I also get excited about: keeping your photos safe for generations and generations to come.


Permanently Storing Your Photos and Videos

Here’s a fun exercise. We’re going to go back and then forward in time.

Have you ever looked back at photos and old-time home movies from the early to the mid-20th century and seen how people dressed when they went to the beach? Or how about the suits men wore to baseball games during Babe Ruth’s era?

And those cars and trucks! So different from ours. Fashions and vehicles change drastically in the span of a hundred years.

Now, imagine this. You load your 2022 summer photos and videos you took into the digital album that you own. A page looks like this, and in the right column, you’ll see Description. This photo is courtesy of my friend and colleague, Cindy Marks. Here’s where you can write a few words or paragraphs about the photo or video. You can also talk to text.

Family Photo in FOREVER
The FOREVER digital album makes storing photos convenient and safe

Now you give access to your descendants—and some for public viewing.

In 2122, someone accesses your album. Maybe a great-great-grandchild, or one of their children. They look at your hiking outfit, study your car, and see how you had picnics in the backyard. It makes them wonder how we were able to live like that.

Then they click and see photos that you had digitized from 1922—they go 200 years down memory lane.

They read snippets that you journaled about great-aunts or great-grandparents and your family’s story comes alive.

It can happen thanks to FOREVER®, a company that lets you gather all of your most meaningful memories in one private, safe and secure place.

Using FOREVER® you’re able to:

Best of all, FOREVER® guarantees that your album will be safe and accessible for a lifetime, plus 100 and more years beyond. The company is forward-looking, investing in ongoing research and development to handle media files of the past and future. FOREVER will migrate current formats to newer formats when they become obsolete at no extra cost to you or your family, future generations.

In my years of photo coaching, this is the most comprehensive solution I’ve seen.

I’m sure you’ll have questions about comparing FOREVER® to low-cost monthly services or social media sites, and I’ll gladly show you how FOREVER® is the safest and truly permanent choice.

I’m Here to Help

Grandmother, granddaughter and mother
My mother, daughter, and me during a preschool Mother’s Day celebration 2004



Discover more of what you can do with FOREVER®. Get 2 GB free to see how easy it is to upload your media files and create albums. Why not give us a try?

Join one of my virtual events free of charge and you can learn how others are using FOREVER® to share their family’s stories.

Finally, if you’re interested in photo coaching as either a part-time or potential full-time income, then let me know and I’ll share how you can get started. And I’ll be glad to mentor you if you’d like.

Your family photos and videos are worth preserving—FOREVER®.

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today





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