Why Digitizing Your Photos, Videos, and More Using FOREVER® is the Best Way to Preserve Memories

Digitizing your photos, videos and handwritten documents is the best way to preserve and safeguard the files of loved ones for future generations.

But if you’ve been looking for the best digitization service, I’d like you to consider reasons to use FOREVER®. I’ve been a photo coach for a few decades and my passion is helping clients safeguard their most meaningful memories.

high school football player 1924
Once your printed photos are in digital format you can have a lot of fun with them like comparing this photo of my grandfather from his senior year in high school in 1924 and this photo of my son from his senior year in high school in 2007.

High school football player kneeling
My son in 2007, his senior year

It’s fun and amazing to see how life stays the same with pursuits like a love for sports—and how those pursuits change with fashion and technology.

Man and woman sitting at camera and computer with images
Digitization is done with great care


I’ve looked at many different digitization solutions, but I’ve not found one that’s better. At FOREVER®, your items truly matter.

They use the latest technological innovations available and your precious items stay within the United States processed in their Digitization Center in Green Bay, WI.


Browse the chart below and click here to see that digitization is one of 5 main services I offer so read on to see why I recommend using FOREVER®.

First, what is FOREVER®?

It’s the most complete memory-keeping system available. You can store files from the past with the photos and videos you’ll take in the coming years.

If you want to research your family history, then FOREVER® is a wonderful resource since you have space in your digital album to journal stories.

FOREVER® is permanent storage in one safe and secure place, guaranteed.

The service is designed to last for a user’s lifetime and into the next century and beyond.

8 Benefits of Digitizing Using FOREVER ®

Why digitize your memories?
Turning your hard copy or analog files into digital form keeps them safe from being ruined because of natural disasters, damage in the home like broken pipes, and technological mishaps like computer crashes. Here are reasons to choose FOREVER®.

  1. Ownership
    You own your digital home, FOREVER® digital storage, where you can upload files to a central place called your Library and organize the files into Albums and Nested Albums.
Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums


2. Convenience
Digitizing your files is easy. Choose a specially designed box, fill it with your files, and ship it off to FOREVER®’s digitization site. You can send slide shows and audio files, too.
How do you know what size box you’ll need?

I’ll be glad to share the details based on your digitization needs and what you want to accomplish.

3. Stays safely in the U.S.
FOREVER®’s digitization center is just outside of Green Bay where your original files are processed and returned safely to you.

4. State-of-the-art facility
FOREVER® is a forward-looking company that invested heavily in its digitization facility as described on the company’s website:
“The new 25,000-square-foot facility was completed at a total cost of US $5 million, including new equipment, with the result that FOREVER now operates the world’s newest, highest-quality memory digitization facility.”

5. Outstanding customer care
I’ve known friends who have sent their wedding videos and other precious memories and someone from the digitization has contacted them if a question came up. FOREVER® has the highest marks in the industry with Trust Pilot.

A friend and photo coaching colleague found a Super 8 home movie of her mother getting married in 1953 and was afraid that the clip was too fragile to digitize, but the FOREVER® team was able to process, upload the clip, and send the original back.

Woman in bridal dress and veil
Screenshot of Nancy’s mother’s wedding in 1953, now safe in FOREVER(r)

Scroll down to link to the story.




6. Memories are uploaded to your FOREVER® box center

Technology is changing. What good does it do if a company digitizes your files and puts them on a DVD or flash drive? How many newer laptops still have DVD players or USB ports?
The digitization team will upload your files to your FOREVER® Digitization Center, a temporary holding place for 60 days. You can view them and have time to purchase Permanent Storage to transfer them for generational access guaranteed if you choose.
Your photos aren’t compressed so they remain in the original full resolution.

7. Your files are easily shareable
Once your files are digitized and in your FOREVER® account you can choose if you want to keep the files private, share them with specific family and friends, or even make them public.
Cloud storage means family and friends around the world can see them if they have access to the internet. Several people in different locations can be viewing files at the same time.

8. Doing more with your files
Printed photo books are still nice to have and you can make keepsakes from everyday items like calendars, canvases, metal prints, blankets, and more.

Make researching your family’s history a shared project using collaborative albums.

Let me know how I can help

Woman wearing glasses looking at computer monitor
Contact Melody for a photo consultation

What do you need to digitize? I’ll guide you through the steps on how to use FOREVER® to meet your needs.
From any of my web pages, click on Book a Session in the navigation bar and let’s set a time to chat.
My passion is helping you safeguard your treasured memories so your grandchildren’s grandchildren can access your family’s story.




Nancy Launi’s Story

Click here to read about Nancy finding her mother’s wedding clip from 1953:

Here’s Your Photo and Video Storage Solution for Guaranteed Peace of Mind

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